Level 3 Helix Choices?

Finally getting around to playing Deande, and have just started working through her character levels. I’ve just unlocked the level 3 mutation which, post-update, is now a choice of

L: Fan Appreciation (inc. thrown fan damage)
C: Uppercut (wound 1.5 s)
R: Leechsteal (health steal)

What do people prefer here for 1. PvE 2. PvP? Do you take the health steal, go with the wound, or take the extra ranged damage?

I know that most Deande players now avoid that wound like the plague because it’s a decrease to DPS. I prefer the life steal but I know plenty of people that like the thrown fans damage as well. I think it’s a matter of preference.
You two know significantly more about Deande than I do. Care to give your opinions?

I am insulted you didn’t include me in this list :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Take the life steal 100% off the time. The extra damage is ONLY on throwing fans. I can’t think of a time when the other choices would be a better option,

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I’m sorry vegancookies, we don’t play that often. In fact I don’t think we’ve played together ever. We are in the group chat though. We should group up some time.

I prefer lifesteal, it’s helps me stay in a little bit longer if I make a slight mistake or, I just use the minion waves to replenish a bit.

We should, although I do usually let @Nemosis327 play Deande, but there was that chaos rumble we had when we double burst dashed that OM. Ah, good times.

As usual, it’s variable. Escept almost never choose uppercut though lol

  1. Always damage. Those things are crit magnets
  2. Depends on team comp, if you have a decent healer, or if you need to take out ranged targets often

Personally I always take the life steal in PvE. And after I learned how Deande seems like she is suppose to play in PvP, I’ve been taking the thrown fan damage. After the update her range is really good with those things, as they fly straight for a longer distance. Her base melee feels bad and I rarely use it on Battleborn for her being a melee character. I usually just harass at range until my skills are off cooldown/my future victim is wounded enough.

I’ll call @RedX as I took a lot of pointers on what helix choices to pick and how to play Deande in PvP from watching his live streams.


Thanks for the shoutout @khimerakiller. I’ll love to help @VaultHunter101

PVE Buld

For my PVE build it’s mostly the same as my PVP build but with 2 key changes. Lv 3 leechsteal- pretty obvious why. You are going to need to steal health back to keep on going. Lv 5 beast of the momentum- ANY enemy you kill gives you 10% movement speed for 5 seconds- obvious too… the more movement speed you have easier it is to circle around enemies and avoid damage.

PvP Build

Pretty simple… I just go left side all the way down. I’m sure some of the other helix choices are great but after playing Deande a ton I just feel like the left side offers more flexibility. I used to use lv 2 R for extra clone health but since Deande HP buff there’s no point. Lv2 L is much better especially when you get lv 10 doppelgangup. I used to use leech steel but Lv 3 fan appreciation does work if you use it getting out of stealth and got really good aim with it. You can get a lot of kills with it when people are trying to flee. Lv 7 I used to use The Cunning a lot but Fan O War increases melee damage which helps a lot especially since coming out of stealth is 5 seconds now, the BIGGEST advantage with it also is that it increases your ULT damage. Deande Ult scales more with attack damage than skill damage. That’s all I could think about right now but feel free to ask anything else that comes to mind.

Deande is fun… I’m sure many have other ways on playing her too :slight_smile:

Edit:: oh yea… just to add… her uppercut really tends to slow down your attack speed for some reason (that’s what it feels like every time I choose it, confirmed by others too)It makes the wound not worth it.

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In advanced PvE, including 100 OPs, I always go with Fans because it is soooo ranged.
I can play her without the life leaching and those blades are ranged and do so much chewing.

Use them to get close, strafe, then finish at an angle with her cuts. Pretty awesome.

I was wondering if that would be the case - I noticed there seems to be a bit of a lag at the end of her ult before you regain control. Thanks to you and everyone else for the feedback. I’ll probably go for the fan damage for now since, as mentioned, the ranged attack is pretty good; I’m also running some gear that has health regen or steal as a secondary, so on balance I’m a little less concerned about that for PvE.

Deande is definitely a fun character to play! I’m not usually very good with melee characters (didn’t really take to either Boldur or Kelvin), but Deande seems to click for me.

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In PVE I use her fan throws constantly so it’s kinda reasonable to choose left, but I also prefer to play more aggressively so I always pick life leach for better survivability.

I always go with life steal, crits let you steal a lot of hp, element of surprise also helps with life steal.

Only time i go with wounding is never… In a match of alani, miko, ambra, montana and Kelvin i decides to go with wounding. Well my dps fell and my survavility, the last hit is hard to land, it slows down your full combo and its effect dosent last long enough, i could have killed miko faster and easier just criting its big mushroom with a normal combo.

Throw fans are good but not great, element of surprise close range is rly rly rly good with such a long duration.

Life steal affects (irc) throw fans too so is a win win.

oh, whats this? I have been summoned! would have been here sooner but I was sleeping or something. my bad.

Anyway you guys seem to have this locked down. Leechsteal is the all around best, with Fan appreciation at second. Uppercut doesn’t exist. But here are a few more points I didn’t see mentioned for you all to muse over:

Leechsteal - Gives you a total of 25% health returned on your melee and thrown fan attack damage dealt. When using this keep in mind that it doesn’t work on shields.

From some testing I did a few months back i think I remember Deande doing 97 damage @ level 10 (cant remember if that is with Fan o’ war, but i dont think it is) and so around 150 damage on a crit with the 1.5x multiplier. So you get about 25 HP back on a normal hit and 38 on a crit.

Those are some decent returns, and they really help you with one character in particular: Kleese. A lone kleese stands no chance against you. Since he only has his shock taser for reliable damage you can burst dash for the weaken and then use the lifesteal to out last him by a mile. works even better if you can make him jump around and waste his chair energy. The same thing works on Ambra too, especially since her beam does much less damage, but her surviablity usually makes me go look for other targets unless she is really weak.

Since I play a lot of incursion and some meltdown this is by far my favorite option due to the fact that I can effectively solo thralls and clear minions easier. I’m a team player like that.

Uppercut - Used to be that thing that knocked people up. Now it’s useless utterly.

The problem with it is that it adds an animation to the melee combo. At the end of the melee combo. On a melee combo that is already difficult enough to land consistently. most of the time you will miss the wound, thus rendering it useless and since your combo is slowed you are putting out fewer hits and taking in less lifesteal.

It would be better is they just applied the wound to the last strike in the combo and got rid of the uppercut animation. I remember a few weeks ago when i first tried the uppercut after it got changed…

I had to vote for surrender.

Fan appreciation - I dont like relying on thrown fans to Finnish kills or even initiate. I use them to peck at things from a distance. At base they do less damage than the melee combo (for the single fan) and even in PVE I dont feel the need to buff the damage as I can make the base stats work just fine.

In PVP I generally dont trust the thrown fans, or my ability to land them. I’m not terribly inaccurate with then, but factoring in all the various escape skills, team aids, obstructions, and general distractions I would rather just go over to the enemy and hit them a few times, or turn around and let him be. And even for taking out buildables I would rather just run over there and kill them instead of stand out in the open with everything shooting you.

I’m not saying I wont use them to finish if I have to, rather that you should avoid having to if you can. And if you can do that well then buffing the thrown fan damage is relatively useless.

Final thoughts - For me the difference between Fan appreciation and Uppercut is the fact that if I chose Fan Appreciation I can still do well and have a good time, whereas if i chose the Uppercut im cringing the whole way through and just want the match to end. But Leechsteal FTW.


that. was. beautiful. unfortunately I didn’t save the clip. I do have that double (or maybe it was a triple) paradigm shift saved though. cant remember if you were in that game or not, but is was at least half a beautiful.