Level 3 or Level 5?

Now information on character skills is leaking, I wondered if there had been any word as to when we might get those skills. I liked TPS’s Level 3 start. Borderlands is more about the skills than the guns for me. The sooner the better :slight_smile:

Does anyone know anything?

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I kinda like getting to 5 without the skill. It makes me a bit more aware of what it can do. Get to five and POP! Take that! Fully aware though that some people want it asap. Relish rather than plunge for me :slight_smile:

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I’m none too picky on what level we get our first skill point. My guess is level 5 since this is a main numbered game and not a spin-off, but I could be wrong.

Well I do not prefer one over the other as both are somehow strange XD

They could have given us the skills right away or at least skillpoints equal the amount of levels instead you need to have access to it I never liked to wait ^^

Maybe even a bit other than usually like passive trees before the action skill is available for a change ^^

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Level 3 was appreciated. I also am more of a Skill over Gun person.

Seeing as how there’s 3 action skills, I wonder how many skill points will be available to allot.

Giving us the skill at Lvl 5 will allow us to get used to the newer gun mechanics and perhaps for other mechanics that are yet to be fully revealed. In other words it gives us time to get used to the game-play before chucking in one more mechanic.

It may be slightly irritating for additional playthroughs but I think it is necessary for at least the first time.


Sooner = better = more skill points :slight_smile:

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Seems to be level 3… (cough) don’t ask how I know

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Any of us fans will have a go at all of them for a bit maybe? I know I will try them all out…

Point at enemy, pull trigger. It’s not rocket science, especially at the start of the game, and I always found a little bit insulting to my intelligence that it was still treated that way.

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Not everyone is like you, they are compensating for that.

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They go overboard with it, imo.
Not to mention that these training wheels have to be endured on any additional characters you make as well, completely needlessly, unless they came up with some kind of universal tutorial progression or some other solution for it.

I agree. We’ve all played games before. We know how to shoot a vidya game gun. GIVE US THE SKILLZ ALREADY GEARBOX! Haha, but in all seriousness, lvl 5 is insulting. I could deal with lvl 3 I guess, that’s basically 2 starter quests worth of XP. Plus, it would give us 2 extra skill points before the lvl cap at 50 (before DLC obviously).

So, playing for 20 minutes is fine, but playing a character for an hour before they unlock their special ability is “insulting”?

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For anyone that’s played a shooter before (which is 99.9% of people playing BL), and especially long time BL’s fans (probably 80% of BL3 players), ya, I’d say it’s a bad move. At the beginning of the game almost all guns are pretty boring. There’s little variety and almost no elementals. So waiting until lvl 5 to get your action skill to spice up the starter quests is not cool.

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I’d say that calling it insulting is an insult. First off, it appears that we’ll be getting our first skill points at level 3 so you don’t have anything to worry about. Secondly, BL3 has many more gun gimmicks this time around so having time before one needs to also take into account the AS mechanics would be nice.

Third, and most important, it’s a matter of character growth and logic. When you finally get your action skill it should at least sort of feel like it took some work to get it similar to how the character wasn’t just born with the innate ability to call a giant mech from the sky. I understand that people want their actions skills now now now, but I always got a sense of “aw hell yes” when I hit level 5 in BL1 and 2. I felt like I earned it and that I (and my character) were ready for the mayhem that it brought.

Needing to earn 2 more levels before you get a game changing ability is not the devs insulting you by saying level 5 and not 3, it appears more like you saying “Hello, I’m Veruca Salt and I want it NOW”. I realize that may come off as a jab at you and I genuinely don’t mean it that way. I’m just an individual that doesn’t mind a little less time with the action skills because I’m not here for those and those alone. I’m someone that prizes patience, I guess. IDK, maybe I’m just the black sheep.

But I ask: do you complain when playing any other shooter “Oh, all I get are guns? Where is my flashy gimmick? That’s why I’m here”? No. You enjoy the game because it’s the game you wanna play. Not the gimmick.


Well, you can always start using it at level 5. It’s your choice, you can even not using it at all the entire game :slight_smile:

That is similar logic to “Give us enough skill points to fill up every skill. Other people who like to make builds don’t need to spend them all”
I recognize that in this particular thread I am the odd one out because I don’t mind waiting an extra two levels for my action skills, but calling that wait an insult to the players is going way too far.

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Remember that it’s not just about action skills. In the footage we saw, the level 10 character still had their 4th weapon slot locked (and their COM and relic slot, but that may have been just because of the pre-release state of the game).
And if we look at the precedents, there were also deliberately crappy drops during the start of the games; grenade mods, COMs, and relics not even appearing until my little brainy-brain can handle such mind-melting concepts as “+20% fire damage”; there were entire, unskippable quests just to explain the bank, the stash, and crazy earl’s; there was the grinder being unavailable in the first third of presequel…

This is a valid point, all I’m saying myself is that they tend to overdo it.

PS: we see the vault hunters use their action skills in the intros for the games (on the bus/train/shuttle). If you ask me it’s actually a bit jarring that these supposed badasses are suddenly weak little ducklings after I get control of them. Did falling from the train give Maya amnesia, erasing memories of her entire life spent using her siren powers? Come on now.

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We saw it was level 3, which I personally love. Also like TPS there was a part in the tree where you needed 1 point to advance, not 5 per level.