Level 3: Resource Collector won't collect remaining 22 RU debris, approaches Mothership and screen turns to black

A particularly wierd glitched I’ve encountered made me stop playing for a bit.

On Return to Kharak, upon salvaging the enemy Frigate and collecting virtually all of the RUs around the vicinity, there was one remaining RU point which the resource collector would refuse to acknowledge (it has approximately 22 RU). Hitting H on the keyboard momentarily confused my Resource Collector, first by saying there was no resources left to collect, and then claim they are resuming resource collecting. I try to lead my Resource Collectors near the area with the remaining RU spot. Eventually one of them approaches the Mothership, and the screen fades to black, save for the UI which is still on display.

Auto harvest when you hyperspace (while not always 100% accurate, something to do with resources in sensor range) should harvest that last 22 RUs that you apparently desperately need :smile:

Nope, I tried that and it doesn’t work. The Resource Collector will insist that there’s “Nothing else here”. Sometimes it will get confused when I repeatedly hit H, but ususally it will just stay put.