Level 30 for epic chest?

So I have finally hit level 30… It took way longer than I expected it to. I have 25 hours of gameplay in, and I’m a fairly solid player. I use Thorn and generally have a very good k/d ratio. I also focused on getting challenges (building a lot), and played some of the story because you seem to get more there.

Why hold back the level 30 crate for so long? It seems like the smart thing to do is just save all your credits until you can buy it, which leaves you hoping to get lucky with the odd loot crate you get randomly for some decent gear.

Having gear period makes for a gap in power between new players and experienced ones. At least make good gear accessible a little earlier. It was antagonizing waiting for level 30 to finally get items. I just don’t see a point in having such a high level lock on it.