Level 40-50 suggestions

I have finished the first playthrough and I’m level 40. I wanted to level to 50 by killing bosses or doing something like cistern of slaughter with mayhem modifiers. The problem is my gear sucks. This class sucks. I suck. I don’t know.

I had a similar issue with Amara…at least until I got closer to 50. I’m having an even worse time with Moze. I was wrecking everything on story mode but if I put M2 on it’s like my guns just do no damage at all and one enemy grenade just immediately knocks me out.

I have tried cistern of slaughter but die in round 2. I have tried Graveward but my long range weapons suck so I’m just not doing enough damage and the mobs are piling up because it takes too long to kill them. I have tried the hillbilly boss but one nade or melee hit just downs me immediately.

I was trying to save TVHM for when I hit 50 so rewards are all at level 50 but that isn’t feeling very feasible. Does anyone have any suggestions on something I could farm on at least M2 that gives decent XP that might be easier for someone with bad gear and bad reaction times and bad eyes and a bad back and a bad attitude?

This is my current build: https://bl3skills.com/gunner#500311055000000000000000000055250100000
+1 phalanx doctrine
+3 vladof ingenuity
+1 armored infantry

Personally I found the best approach for me was to just do the side missions and get to lvl 50 and then begin farming for gear. When I was brand new, as far as boss farm, I started with Chupacabra(killing Mr. Beans after doing the Ava quest and farming for Westerguns is good too). Eventually moved on to Traunt once I got a decent shock cutsman. If you get a nice shock Westergun that can take on Traunt as well. If you do the Zer0 Hunt quests and get a Lyuda that will be all you need to start taking on Graveward. Putting on mayhem 1 and farming a early game boss like Lavender Crawley is also a decent option for EXP.

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Yeah I think M1 is maybe the best I can do. I just moved down to M1 and was able to kill the hillbillies. I had hoped to find something I could do on M2 for the added XP gain but I may have to just do M1 for a couple more levels until I get some upgrades and a couple more skill points.

Thanks for the suggestions.

If you can kill Billies on M1, that will probably be one of the best EXP farms for you then.

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Well I thought I could kill them. lol. Killed them once then died horribly the next time. This is so painful.

Do you think M1 billies is better XP than M1 cistern of slaughter?

Not sure I never did any thing like that just for exp. I just like I said, went back and completed easy side missions and boom I was 50 in no time.