Level 47 Siren got corrupted

Decided to get on today and grind up to level 50. I get on and in the middle of an arena my game crashes (20th time so far btw). No biggie. I relaunch Borderlands and where my Siren should be I see “!Corrupted!”. Can’t play on it, can’t do anything, except delete it. Looked online and saw I can change the temporary file and the saved one. Except I don’t have the temporary file. So now I can’t play with any of my friends because they are all max level and I can’t be bothered to solo grind the entire story from scratch. Contacted 2kSupport but probably won’t receive a response. Conflicted on if I even want to play anymore, especially if this can happen when I have multiple high-level characters.

I just had a similar issue (lvl 41 - power flickered off). After a bit of googling I found a workaround on reddit that worked for me.

Find the local save files folder for BL3 (Documents > My Games > BL3). There should be something like 1.sav. There will also be a temporary file that’ll start with the same, but then add some rf~blah.TMP on the end. Rename the temporary file. I called mine 2.sav (as I hadn’t made a second character thus far).

If you load Borderlands 3 you should be able to see the character. I wasn’t able to directly load into single player, but as the reddit poster suggested I tried joining a friend’s game. That worked and I was then able to load into a single player game and continue.

Hope that helps you or anybody else that runs into a corrupted save.

Yeah I found that too. Although my temp file wasn’t there so I had to restart.