Level 50-60 Shields and Weapons

I have had these things in my safe and claptraps locker for a a long time and i want to get rid of them. they are level 50 to 57 max, so my Psn is xShyste if you are wanting them. So if no one wants them i will just give them away in a week or more. These are the things i have…
Ballanced Slagga
Rabid Shredifier
Dubble Gub
Flush Hammer Buster
Elegant Thunderball Fists
Expansive Shredifier
Purging infinity
Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold
Potent Flakker
Patrol Veruc
Sledges Shotgun
Juicy Flakker
Twin Hornet
Patriots infinity
Bladed Emperor
fidle dee Nukem
Legendary Soldier Class Mod x2
Impaler (Shield)
Neogenator (Shield)
The Transformer (Shield)

do you still have them available i would be willing to trade for them

Are you looking to trade or give away?

what is lvl 50