Level 50 Achievement not popping up

So I hit level 50, but I didn’t get my Achievement?

I was doing co-op on Slaughter Circle, so I think that had something to do with it. I actually never did see the flashy “Level Up” sign when I hit 50. I closed my game when I thought I was still level 49. I booted up my game again and all of a sudden I’m level 50. What gives? Do I need to play the entire game again as a different character? Ugh…Is there any guarantee that it WILL unlock if I even do another character?

Make sure your Xbox or PS4 is on the network by settings. After that, reload your game and make sure you spend all your skill points up to 50 or maybe even respec.

My achievement came through after I spent all my skill points. Hope this helps!

I just respec’d all 48 skillpoints and it did not pop up