Level 50 Mechromancer looking for Raid Boss buddies!

As the title - I have a level 50 Mechromancer, and I’m looking for help completing the Normal mode raid bosses to get 100% completion. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Also, help with the last of my multiplayer challenges/achievements would be an awesome bonus!

My XBL Gamertag is Sumimasen UK


Sorry - should have said this is in Borderlands 2 (although the Mechromancer bit most likely gave that away!) :smile:

Man, why is it so hard to find a match with people wanting to do raid bosses?!? Anyone would think this is Destiny!!! :frowning:

Guess I’ll have to try to do them solo when I’ve levelled up a bit more.

ill play! GT: OG BangB4ng

I’m down. GT: CrisChip