Level 50 quests

So I saved all my side quests till the end of tvhm and I have a long list of undiscovered missions.Already got rubi, heartbreaker, law, and intending to also get order. Anybody know where I can find out what missions to do so I can save time. Not every mission with blue or higher either, looking for a list of specific missions that reward those good items.

All you need to know.
Although it may not be worth it considering UVHM. Unless you don’t have any Level Cap increases.

The only missions worth saving to level 50 IMO are to get the Rubi (since it can still be used way past the moment where it’s underleveled) and the gun you intend to start UVHM with (The heartbreaker is a good one here)

Thank you @Chuck80 for that comprehensive breakdown of quest rewards, and to @BlackHeartV for pointing me in the right direction, tried to look up something like that on the forum search and couldn’t find it now I can get the rest of my level 50 rewards and not have to waste time.