Level 50 TVHM and UVHM

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Hey im at level 50 and cant get higher, so i guess this is my limit since i dont have any DLC’s. i ordered my game online and i unlocked UVHM after i beat the game in TVHM. what i wonder is that when i farm bosses is it better to farm in TVHM or UVHM? the reason im asking this is becuase the gear will be level 50 anyway but maye there is a difference in farming between TVHM and UVHM sometimes i get confused. becuase some bosses dont take so much time to kill. I have a level 50 zero, and im mostly specd into the cunning skill tree.

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Good question! Personally, I’d probably just stick with TVHM. That way, it will avoid confusion should you subsequently decide to either get the season pass, or purchase one (or both) UVH mode extensions (UVHM and UVH2).

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But like i said i already have UVHM but not the level upgrade or OP levels.

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Right. But UVHM without the levels is really just TVHM+. I’m just saying that doing your farming in TVHM should be moderately easier, and any missions you need to complete to unlock a specific boss will then still be available should you later decide to get the extra UVHM levels and push through to level 72.

Although you might want to consider just getting the extra content anyway - at this point in time, a used copy of the BL2 GOTY edition should be pretty cheap. It would be worth it for the DLCs even if you didn’t want to tackle the long road to level 72.

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i have a lt of games i want to finish, so i dont want to buy dlc’s to complete it. but i do know the story in the dlc’s so thats nice. besides im enjoying the base game so i dont really care about dlc’s a lot. but thatnks for the response :slight_smile: