Level 50+ Vibra-Pulse?


I’m playing through TVHM right now and I’m level 40 and just got the level 38 Vibra-Pulse, I wanna know if it’s still possible to get it at level 50 or above and how to do so? As I’ve noticed a lot of Athena builds are based around it

Thanks :smile:

You can get it at the level you are in uvhm after you beat tvhm it’s a lot more difficult because everything is scaled to the highest level player in the game with you

I believe max level for TVHM Vibra-Pulse is 42
like zachary has stated above,
you can get it at the level you’re at in UVHM
after you’ve gotten to the point where you get Moxxi’s Chest

Ah okay thanks guys, I knew there used to be that bug where you could just walk out and back in to Concordia and you could get an upscaled version and I was just hoping there was another way to get one haha
Guess I’ll just wait til UVHM then!

Once you finish TVHM you’ll have a Thorny Ol Rosie :smiley:
Even after the nerf its still very much a great, great gun