Level 53 Krieg looking for advice and possibly a bit of help with shields and farming, thank you!

Hello! I played Borderlands 2 a long time ago, but decided to get back into it recently while playing as Krieg. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to offer advice or tips on how to go through UVHM with a better build, and what builds would be viable for OP8? I have looked all over the internet for different builds and everyone seems to be split on what is best for him. I am currently building him with the Mania and Bloodlust trees. I have also been told he is good for killing raid bosses quickly with bloodsplosion, and I am wondering if that is also true?

I also wanted to ask about shields, and which would be best for any given builds. I have looked into the ‘Love Thumper’ and I enjoy it but it does wear off fast. I am currently going for a sham for farming ‘Pyro Pete’s Bar’ and I later want to get the ‘Hide of Terramorphous’, but are any of these good options? I know that the sham is hard to get as well, and my friend is luckily a Zero and can bore pretty easily into bunk3r!

Sorry for the big swarm of information, but these are questions that I have been unable to find answers too, and I was hoping that someone could offer advice on any of my plans for krieg.

Thanks to anyone who helps me out, and I am sorry for asking so many questions.

Here’s the link to the community guide for Krieg. You should be able to find pretty much everything you’ll need to know about Krieg by taking a look through all the stuff that’s posted there.

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Thanks! I’ll look in that post to see if there is anything I can take note of!