Level 55 Baroness LF People to play with

So, I did a quick run of UVHM skipping all side quests and am currently level 55 on my baroness, and I would really like to use my Contractual Aristocracy skill tree on co-op play. I still haven’t done “The bestest story ever told” or Holodome Round 3 and above on UVHM, but I am willing to join any game, wheter it is to play side quests or story missions. My timezone is GMT-3 and I have quite some free time untill the middle of march.

Steamid is felipegomes. Add me :blush:

Yo,looked you up on steam,the first name that showed was last active a year ago. O.o
Hit me up on steam so we can partner up: Alphadog000

That’s weird alpha, I couldn’t find you either, lol. Here is my steam profile http://steamcommunity.com/id/HearstHealmsley/

There some other folks as well.
All are still pretty active PC players. And I know that derch and abvex are at about 58 with their baronesses

P.m. those folks and see if they can set you up.
I am a level 60 Wilhelm and you are welcome to add me Johnrr6

My characters are all lvl 60, but feel free to give me a shout when you reach lvl 57+!

Same steamid as name

Couldn’t find you either Ha_Na, there are a bunch of users that pop with that same name. I found john and alpha, if anyone else is interested in co-oping please add me through my steam link above which makes it easy to find. I’m willing to help anyone that needs help with something and we can play together more when the new DLC is released :smile:

dang, mixed up steamID and steam name. wintypes/Ha_Na then.

feel free to add diogenes49 on steam