Level 58 Siren in need of help

I’m currently a level 58 siren. My leveling has slowed considerably. I’m in ultimate vault hunter mode, how do i get to 72? It starts to get boring running the same story over and over, and I can’t solo raid bosses. Any tips?

Side quest Petes bar, bnk3r gives good xp that’s how I jumped up the last 10 levels pretty easy to kill and chance of a bitch or sham. Other than that there’s enough content to get you to 72 or jump in with others who are op. Either way it’s still slow going

Thanks. I’ll do that. Only 13 levels to go.

Your always welcome to join my games if that helps.

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What’s your psn I would like to add you for some help or just to play with you if you don’t mind

Psn rockshox

Add me too and join whenever you want. Play a lot with rock and a couple of other guys.

PSN: tesanmartin


I added you both

My ID is BeastWrestling I would love to have more people to play with.