Level 60 for Vault Hunter / ultimate pack

I wonder if a gearbox will have more levels to score our skills, creating a level “60” or “level 60” would be ideal to complement our skills

No hurry to make our grinded loot worthless, GB did this beside TPS (i think) in every borderlands game before. Wait for the DLCs, there will be a new level cap implemented I guess.


They did in TPS as well


Lvl 60 would be perfect, but it’s only been a month. Give it at least 2 more


Would be cool if instead of a cap, they actually did release new talent trees or added layers to guardian trees once they’re maxed out.

Idk, seems like every game ever just raised the level cap. Would be cool to see an alternative take on progression.


Hope not. Grinded good lvl 50 loot and don’t want that to be for nothing. Just add some raid bosses and new story missions and some new loot. Would love new Legendary Class Mods. Plenty of way to keep us grinding wiyhout raising the level cap. Also maybe a leaderboards for running the trials or circles of slaughter. Diablo has that for Greater Rifts not to mention they just started making new sets. Borderlands could sure use some of that.


Yeah they don’t care about our loot. They added more lvls to bl2 after 5 years


Well that was in BL2. Maybe this time they won’t do that if we plead hard enough lol. I think my ideas are solid but I’m not the man to spread the word on them cuz I’m not mega popular or anything. But we need to be vocal about what we want if we want Gearbox to do it. This game is Gearbox’s only real form of income so they should listen if we’re loud enough.

Problem with your line of thinking is that I, as well as everyone I know that play BL3 wants a level raise and fast.

Either that or add more Mayhem levels, progression has pretty much stalled already.

Anyone who wants a level cap raise I’m guessing probably doesn’t grind and trade for good loot so of course they feel stagnant lol. Also Guardian Rank exists so progression literally cannot stagnate lol. I can see how someone might get bored of this grind, but raising the level cap doesn’t fix that at all either, just makes it more annoying to start it and resets everyone’s progress which is terrible. They could just add more end game content instead which would make the grind even more worthwhile, while not screwing everyone over in the process. So yeah anyone who wants a level cap raise is just wrong and doesn’t know how Borderlands works lol.


You were doing ok until you said this. If people didn’t want lvl cap increases they would have stopped after bl1 or 2, but all 3 games have had them, so it’s pretty likely bl3 will.


When I said that, I was implying the game devs were wrong too.

Almost every bordlerlands fan who has played more than just Bl3 wants an exp cap. I also want UVHM.

Honestly I feel they made a mistake by giving us Mayhem 1-3 upon conpleting normal.

It should be set up so a normal playthrough gives M1.

True gets access to M1 and M2.

Ultimate (when added) gives M1-M3.

However since they probably won’t change that, I just want UVHM, a level cap, and more content so I can continue playing BL to the excess that I did the other 3.


Why would anyone want UVHM? The game is painfully easy without Mayhem mode. TVHM was massively boring. What makes you think UVHM would be any different? Mayhem is where its at and they already have us 3 levels of Mayhem upin completing normal. What they SHOULD do is add more Mayhem levels upon completing TVHM. A 4 and a 5. Add raid bosses and story DLC, and new loot.

Seeing how level cap increases is how all Borderlands games work, I’d say you must be new to this.

It’s definitely not about sitting on your laurels and while new content is nice, it’s FAR easier to add more levels too.

Here’s hoping for 10 more levels, at least once a year, with more powerful weapons.


This is basically UVHM, but with more garbage RNG. Mayhem 5 would be stuff like 50% chance of bullet reflection and -95% elemental damage for example.
UVHM mayhem 3 would be a good challenge for people who want it


Not new at all lmao

UVHM was never challenging lol

You know what i never had to do at OP8 in bl2? Save quit because the Mayhem mods gave me -150% damage to my main weapon or to a lesser extent debuffed all of them by about 70%


Huh wow maybe that’s the point of Mayhem? To make it super hard sometimes? Isn’t that what you want out of UVHM? Except wait UVHM doesn’t deliver lol.