Level 60 shooting star

hey i was wondering if someone could trade me a level 60 shooting star? i have a ton of legendaries and uniques in various levels so let me know what you are looking for and i will see if i have it. thanks!

Did you ever get your morning star. If not shoot me an invite this evening. Gt: Visual x sniper.

Hey Britany you do know the level cap is going to 70 right?

I heard! The 24th! I can’t wait! I will add you right now dswann. Thanks!!

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if anyone has a level 50 celestial lawbringer that would be great too. i have been farming everything for it for days now and still can’t get one. i got a level 50 shooting star though.

Britany I’m hurt you didn’t ask me

gt is rebornhellspawn. send me a friend request and message of the things you want (all) . im sure I got most of it . and ill track you down when I get on live. you can have it

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Lol! I didn’t want to bother you. You’ve dropped us so much stuff already. I’ll hit you up in a min.

Steel, we had to take the xbox offline. Something went haywire after we jumped into your game :-/

I figured something was up,it’s all good,just give me a shout when you’re ready for the Holodome