Level 60's to play upcoming DLC & get to 70

My initial plan for the upcoming DLC is to take my level 60’s through the Claptastic DLC (starting with Claptrap!) and, I guess, the new “mutator arena” (“lets you choose your own gravity settings, enemy mixes, and more”)

I’ve got good, hard-wired internet & set my lobby so friends can just join (or I can join you if you want). Preferences: characters around the same level & some form of communication (via mic or PS3 text message) I’m on a lot afternoons between 11-5 (Eastern U.S.A. time), sometimes between 9-11pm

Be nice to have company (& better loot with more players, right?) Let’s dubstep!

Started a new PS3 account to see if I bought & started BL1 (already had BL2) I could get the bullpup loyalty rewards – it worked! So, I’m playing this account to farm bullpups up to level 70, friend me!


psn: shaolinCFH. im usually on between 9pm - 2am. i have athena, nisha, jack, and aurelia at 60 now. Wilhelm is at 57 and clappy at 50.