Level 61 Bladded Slagged Rubi

Anyone willing too hook it up? I don’t ask for handouts like this but I’ve been farming for it, for like 4 hours now :frowning:

U cant farm the rubi,u can only get it through the mission in the tiny tina dlc

Yea I figured lol. But the grog nozzle comes from tiny tinas dlc

U can get it if u accept the mission from claptrap,but if u finish the mission the nozzle will disappear

Yes you can farm for the rubi you want. You just finish the mission, walk up to Moxxi to complete it, save/quit before handing it into her, and then reload your game a hand it in, and if you don’t get the rubi you want you just dashboard, or quit out of the game. Rinse/repeat until you get your desired rubi.

I have a level 56 evisceration grog if you want it. It’s from the loot hunt, so it’s not mission bound.

That would be nice,something u want for it?PSN:TwistedDestiny42