Level 61 Kittyzerker build suggestions?

Any suggestions for a level 61 Kittyzerker build? I liked what I saw of the level 72 version but I don’t have that DLC.


Light the spunky symbol

but @Chuck80 might be able to help more

Can’t really link builds on my phone. I will when I get home.

For now, I’ll go from memory:
5 inconceivable
5 Fttb
5 last longer
5 5so6
5 Ykyay
5 Get Some
1 keep firing
1 double grenade skill (name escapes me)
1 steady as she goes

5 L&L
5 QDraw
5 div. Likeness
1 down not out
5 lay waste
As far down Gunlust as you can from here.

If you have points left, Incite and hard to kill are fine

With 54 points listed, you’ve already accounted for up to Level 59. One pip each in Incite and HTK seems a good idea for w hen I switch to the Legendary Gunzerker class Mod. Are there any enemies that tend to drop 5so6 and YKY class mods?

No, it’s a world drop. All enemies have equal chance.

Go for a blue Hoarder COM with +6 Lay waste and +5 5so6. It’s much better than the legendary Gunzerker for that build. 10/5 5so6 and ammo regen are vital.

I’ve yet to find one of those. So far, I’ve found survivability of the build (I tried something along the lines of your suggested build) rather poor, even given a pair of Kittens or a Grog Nozzle + DPUH or a Moxxi SMG + Seraph SMG, a health relic, and an Evolution. I’ve not got a decent Rough Rider, though. Nor did I put points in Lay Waste.

No Hoarder COM and no points in Lay waste in a Hoarder build, no wonder you die a lot.

If you die a lot with a Grog nozzle in your hand, there is obviously something you’re not doing right (I can tell you it’s not the build: I’ve run the exact same thing for a long time and it works great)

Also, forget the Rough Rider. Outside of raid bosses it’s completely overrated, you’re much better off with a real shield (and since you seem to die a lot, having a full shield when coming out of FFYL is pretty useful)

You can also drop the health relic. As strange as it sounds, it might be a hindrance for you right now: You get your survivability from Moxxi healing from the Kittens, so you heal what you deal in damage (well, proportionately) However if you have a mountain of health, it’s gonna take a lot of damage to fill it back up. Having lower total health allows you to fill it faster.
Focus on dealing more damage instead, starting with Lay waste. Use your relic slot for extra damage too. A bones of the ancient in the flavor of the area you are doing (so fire in flesh areas and corrosive in loaders areas) is a good starting point.

Damage is key to survival. Once you have a Moxxi gun (or 2) in hand, you should concentrate your efforts on dealing as much hurt as possible… and also, they can’t shoot back when they’re dead.

Also, I’m pretty sure that at level 61 cap, you will never have access to the Legendary Gunzerker COM.

Or the Legendary hoarder COM for that matter.

Find a Hoarder COM, Blue or purple. As long as it boosts 5so6 and Lay waste, you’re good.

You’re right. I have the Legendary Berserker, but not the Legendary Gunzerker. With the health relic and the Evolution shield, I usually clock in at ~400K health.

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That…means nothing to me :stuck_out_tongue:
I take it that it’s a lot.

Are you familiar with the healthgate mechanic ?

No, I’m not familiar with the healthgate mechanic.

Whenever something would kill you outright in one blow, if you’re above 50% health, you will not die but be left with about 2-3% of your total health and enjoy about 1-2 seconds of semi-invulnerability.

If you’re below 50% health however, you will die (well, go into FFYL)

So if you can go from near-dead to at least half health quick enough, you can healthgate again.

So that’s why low health is better when you rely on moxxi weapons.

(If you rely on %-based health regen like AGTTB or Sexy-Trex, then higher health is better because if you heal 8% of your health per second anyway, you might as well make it a BIG 8% :wink: )

Ah, I see. I’ll have to experiment with that. I have a 97% Sham which will help there.

Either you’re making a mistake, or your sham is not legit. 94% is the maximum possible

Alright, with a skill table in front of me it was easier to work with. Here’s my revised proposition:


Turns out I you have enough points to reach NKLO after all.

The point in FFOB could be placed elsewhere if you want.

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So you wouldn’t put points in I’m Ready Already?

I’m ready already and Get some don’t get along.

Whenever Get some activates, it fills up a part of your cooldown bar equivalent to 3 seconds at 5/5. I’m ready already doesn’t affect that part, it only works when you’re actually in real cooldown. In a good scenario, with 5/5 in YKY, Get some and Last longer, you should be able to completely cooldown while still in gunzerk (making I’m ready already effectively useless) Even if you don’t get that scenario, you’re very likely to get at least half of your cooldown from Get some So that 45 seconds is down to 20 or so seconds… which 5/5 in I’m ready already reduce to 15-16 seconds maybe.

So 5 skill points to save 5 seconds… at best…and usually nothing at all. Not a good investment.

Yes, i’m serious

The RR is awesome on Sal… for raids

When mobbing its not that great.

(Unless you’re running a Brawn build with maxed out health…and even then, I think the Evo is still better)

I know, Chuck, it was a joke. :dukejk: The RR is great on Krieg, not so much on everybody else.