Level 70 Aurelia

Anyone maxed her out yet? How is she vs raid bosses?

Ive leveled to 45 in TVHM so far and she has NO durability. Cryo was great in normal mode but now she sucks. Especially against bosses

Hmmm, I don’t think she sucks. I used her at level 70 a bit and she is really good at mobbing. I can’t speak on the the bosses yet but I’ve been breezing through the Holodome.
I’ve seen her take out some of the bosses in YouTube, I just haven’t gotten around to them yet. One thing I’m sure about is she doesn’t suck.

Maybe at 70 she has more skills which make her more viable but ive given up on her. My athena and wilhelm breezed through the game. My biggest issue is cryo is useless against shielded enemies so no life leech and her sniping tree is fun but too situational and isnt effective in close to mid combat

I was getting destroyed by bosun on tvhm on level. Even using transfusion nades i couldnt stay alive long enough to kill him. Finally i ended up using a green electric laser to kill him. I like her her personality and she was great in normal its just her skills are too situational. Shes either great or terrible.