Level 70 build help

so I started a level 70 uvhm plahtrough with my fragtrap and so far no trouble taking out smaller enimies but got recked by deadlift(ened up having to get a friend to help kill him) . I figure before I go any further ill see what I can do to fix my fragtrap so it can stand up to bosses a little better

my current build: http://thepresequel.com/Claptrap/505015000515050015005011310051015501

as for gear ive been mostlyl using my fragnum, flayer, fatale and badaboom, meganade,stormfront, sapper class mod for the bonus in one last thing skill, only shields I have at level 70 atm are avalance and sham. and I have a random purple oz kit I forget the name.
the only other level 70 weapons I have atm are a two fer luck cannon, accelerated blaster, skullmaher , hammerbuster II and a marketeer

all that being said I know at least part of my problem was not having the right shield and a decent oz kit but anyways should I change my build and what shield and oz kit should I get and what other gear should I get for fragtrap . (as much as I hated it in the other borderlands games yes I’m gonna get a flakker)

The Flakker and Laser Disker are his best bossing weapons, and an Adaptive shield as the preferred shield.

Actually the mongol is his best bossing weapon, Tediore Shields are generally preferred but (not for his speccing heavy into the FF tree but generally) flakkers and adaptives are good too.

I personally don’t like to rocket spam outside of speed kills. And I haven’t found any kill the Mongol does better than a Flakker. I.E I one shot Iwajira with both, one-shot EOS’ phases with both, and everyone else tends to be to small for the Mongol to really work on.

The Mongol is definitely TG on clappy, its just doesn’t have a niche that I’ve found yet and has a few draw backs.

  • Limited and expensive ammo
  • Only effective on big bosses
  • Feels cheap (but that’s a personal thing)

Why no Killbot and/or Maniacal Laughter? Laser Inferno alone gets you up to max ML stacks really fast, especially if you get up close with a Flayer, and you end up getting a few stacks and a bump in health regen just by freezing with Cryo Exhaust Manifold or rainbow novas. Killbot’s just a good healing skill, provided you’re also regularly getting minion kills, and gets buffed by Sapper COMs, and gets even better with a Tediore purple shield.

@khimerakiller who/what drops the laser disker?

@TheFourSeven what do u suggest I change in my build to get killbot and/or maniacal laughter…

Shadow-trap, he respawns during the mutator arena sometimes. Or just grind some "Longest Yard"s, the Earworm drops them.

(fyi: you throw reload the LD to get massive damage, but shooting it works good on mobs too)

ok thanks

the middle tree, upper right it is called “maniacal laughter”(I’ve put 5 points), my build I only have 3 points in fuzzy logic in the Fragmented Fragtrap tree, the rest of the points you have in Fragmented Fragtrap tree, I’ve put down the right side of the “I Love You Guys” tree (5 points each, down the right side of the tree) in my build,

if you are on tonight I’ll drop into TPS, before going to BL2, and tell you where and how many points I have allocated to each tree

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Spare a thought for me and my Level 70 Baroness if you think you’re having issues! Constantly getting one shotted :frowning:

have you tried here, http://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/c/borderlands-the-pre-sequel/lady-hammerlock-the-baroness , I know there is some good info there, in the meantime, I will look up my highest level Baroness and see how I would allocate points in the skill trees,

may also want to post your build in the link I provided, like Peter2014 did here, that way several will be able to look at it and comment on tweaks

also list Guns and Gear that are equipped.

It depends on how attached you are to the skills you currently have, but you could take the points from Coincidental Combustion to put into Killbot. For Maniacal Laughter you could choose to take the points out of either Best Buds 4 Life or Through Thick and Thin. BB4L’s more situational than TT&T, so I’d go with points out of BB4L and into ML, personally.

If you have a purple Sapper COM that buffs Killbot, you could simply put 1 point into Killbot and 4 into Coincidental Combustion and still benefit from +4 or +5 in Killbot.