Level 70 build using the new skill pts

So anyone worked up a level 70 build yet? Three capstones seems the obvious first step, but maybe it isn’t the best way to spend the extra skill points. Any thoughts?

when I think about it for my build, I would have to take 2 points from cyber commando, that means first to fight, gun show, divert power or emergency response have to lose pts. I am not sure if I want to do that.

Use the 10 points to max out Escalation and Divert Power, then put the last two points into Hard to Kill.

I have just about reached the same conclusion, looks like great minds think alike LOL

not quite the same now that I look closer, I was going to max out emergency response and divert power and hard to kill, maybe add the rest to targeting scope, targeting scope would become a poor man’s escalation


Also, let’s see if I can get Willy to 60 by the end of the month, since I’m only level 18 as him.

I was thinking of using this with the Chronicler of Elpis mod and then using my 10 new skill points to get Cold War, Venom Bolts and Omega Strike.


I like your concept…here is what I do with a Chronicleer of Elpis…Wolf with Rolling thunder at 9/5 AND Omega Strike is a beast. And Freezing stuff is easy…you really won’t need cold war at all with a Chronicler of Elpis Mod.

I do use First to fight in conjunction with Overcharge for an overpowering first few seconds of a fight and since Escalation is at 9/5 I don’t feel as big a need for targeting scope.

With 10 more points I’d probably max out First to Fight and then points in Targeting Scope and Shock absorbers to get to Welcome to the Gun Show…Then last two points in Heat sinks and Fortify

If there was a lot of Armor in this game I’d consider Venom Bolts…but there just isn’t…

And then watch as the Clappy DLC is full of armoreds :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That is what I am expecting that is why I am going to get Venom Bolts.

This is my “Nitric Frost” Chronicler of Elpis build http://thepresequel.com/Wilhelm/055501005100505110100055541001001
With the extra 10 points I’ll max out Escalation and Rolling Thunder, add Laser Guided and either add Omega Strike or max out Heatsinks.

John I am now using an avalanche shield and a purple homing transfusion cryo grenade for freezing have you had tried venom bolts? I had steered clar of that skill because of the bad press.

Heres what im lookin at. Using the additional 10 points to max out heat sinks and rapid response. This has wolf as a tank by himself. Saint is healing so much plus the shield boost is ridiculous. And Wilhelm himself will be dishing out decent damage. Plus the action skill cool down effects mean that wolf and saint should be out near constantly.

While im excited for this I do honestly fear it will make Wilhelm very OP and maybe get kinda boring.

As far as mods go I am more geared towards Celestial I think.

The skills it boosts I feel are all useful and become that much better (I like hitting for Crit damage)

Too damn much… That’s what I think. ><

Skill points?


In Borderlands 2 it was acceptable, but in BL:TPS the skill trees works diferent.

I was commenting on this in another thread actually. I think at level 60 in TPS we are about equal with lvl 72 in BL2.

So yea like i said i think this will make Wilhelm (and others) very much over kill unless we see OP levels


I actually think using 3 capstones with the Celestial mod will be a really strong build. The only thing I really would miss would be maybe 5 points in CC but I think getting Overcharge will be worth it.

Wilhelm can probably do the triple capstone thing better than any of the other characters.

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Essentially this. 5 of the 10 points into rapid response then 1 to omega strike, 1 to vengeance cannon, 1 to termination protocol (or zero hour I guess) to get the last point into Overcharge. which should leave 1 last point for giggles which I think id put into Shock absorbers for nothing more than a full on cyborg badass.

ok I think this is what I am going with

After using the updated skill calculator this is the build for Wilhelm that I came up with for myself.

The class mod I am going to be using is the Chronicler of Elpis unless there is a new one in the Claptrap DLC that is better.

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