Level 70 Luck cannon for other legendaries

Looking for any type of luck cannon willing to trade a level 69 thunderfire, 69 longbow fire leech, 70 meganade, 60 avalanche or big thumper, level 70 laser disker, level 66 eddie, 65 fire bee, 60 longbow storm front,lvl 67 electric moonlight saga, I may have other legendaries to trade later but those are the ones I have right now I will also be willing to trade more than one of these or all of these for a luck cannon (any prefix) level 70. My steam name is : StrictlyAverage
Feel free to add me/message me if you are interested in this trade offer.

Just had a Melee attachment luck cannon drop in the glitch arena.
You don’t happen to have anything on my WTB list?

Anyways, my steam ID is wintypes / nick Ha_Na.