Level 70 Melee Nisha (Update)

This one is built around the option of an Avalanche or Shooting Star. If you wanted to switch it for say, a Haymaker, you might consider sacrificing a point for Discipline since it is a GREAT skill.

Paging @Chuck80


All these awesome lvl 70 Nisha builds and mine is still at 60…
I really ought get on that soonish.


How are those tasers working out for you? :smile:

It sure is fitting that a Law enforcer would be carrying tasers :wink:
Seems to me like the new gold standard for melee Nisha builds, well done! :smile:

Why not a point in FFOB ? It would allow you to shoot that Nukem 3 times instead of one, and it’s still useful for the Taser.


You’re right about the nukem, but it was kind of an ad-libbed thing since I didn’t really expect to use it during the play through ha-ha :stuck_out_tongue:

When flame knuckle dropped it, I was like, “sure why not”.

Thanks for suggestioning the taser! It works out really nicely now that you can get all 3 capstones :blush:


And since I have it in my mind, is there a reliable way to strip shileds in TPS now? Data scrubber at a lower level, maybe?

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TC seems to be the best way Nisha has.

But considering one of the best mobbing elements is shock IMO, this is not an issue

You could also try Maliwan cryo pistols with shield bypass luneshine

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What I mean was, best way for Nisha to strip her own shields. :smile:


Oh! Haha!

Yeah, Data scrubber could be a good idea: I never succeeded in doing anything with it except killing myself, so it’s got that part covered.


Lower level data scrubber (say level 50 ish) might be enough just to get the roid

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Boxxy gun? Should be able to do it fairly quickly, and you don’t have any other SMGs. And you can leave your grenade slot open for something else.

Or you could shoot your feet with a Laser Disker, and have it available for the throw reload.


Could be good… boxxy is not a bad option, but I hate having to swap away from my melee weapon. I will give it a shot

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I’d suggest the Storm Front or Boxxy. IMO the Data Scrubber is a horrible idea, for what I thought was an obvious reason.

Also you can get a much better Avalanche fyi, if you care about that.

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Just used the avalanche I had on hand. I’m sure there are better since this one is the only one In happened to have.

And about the data scrubber, yes if it were not for the shield restore, it would have been a good idea since its always fuse 0.

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