Level 70 Wilhelm build discussion

I will be using the celestial enforcer mod because I think first to fight is an entirely useless skill.
So I have several build ideas and most are pretty similar, however there is one that looks a little different to the others; http://thepresequel.com/Wilhelm/550510000005105151505155501500001/celenforcer,auto

the other builds are all pretty similar but I can’t make my mind up about what hunter killer skills I should take (because they all seem pretty good). So if you could all give me some advice on my hunter killer skills or if you think I should just go for the first build or even something entirely different. Here are my other build ideas; http://thepresequel.com/Wilhelm/150514110415105151300155501500001/celenforcer,auto

A lot of people thing FtF is not that great…

Also your build looks 100% standard in my books. The other basic variation for that COM is dropping gun show or 4 From Divert Power and one of the dumber gamechangers (Power Fist or Shock Absorbers) for escalation, which is highly recommended, as Escalation is a super good skill regardless of your build.

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^ Basically what he said. These are the 2 standard builds, just depends what game changer you like better.


I personally pick this option for general mobbing and keep both game changers.

I personally avoid Shock Absorbers and Powerfist and just fill out Suppression, because 1 Melee Augments and Loop Glitch don’t mix (and for mobbing I abuse Yellow Glitch Mali Blasters), and 2 I jump WAY too much to EVER get any value out of Shock Absorbers.

I like Shock Absorbers b/c its fun to literally “run and gun”. So shooting while running with 25-40% movement speed is fun, and I get the bonus damage often while mobbing. It is also good at mindlessly proccing glitches instead of stopping to shoot, as I use a AZ for mobbing and glitch splitter for bosses.

And I like Powerfist for the stun and its… fun. It is also effective when enemies are frozen.

I don’t take Wilhelm to seriously unlike the other characters. So I use him to kinda goof around a bit.

Just curious as to why most people only put one on divert power as opposed to maxing it and if you know why there seems to be so little love for rolling thunder?

The following is my opinion. Doesn’t make it wrong or right…just how I see it.

All I play is Wilhelm…Have played him solid for over a year.

Agree with your assessment of FtF…but may spec a couple of points in it from time to time if the map has a scarcity of enemies allowing it to reenergize effectively.

If you want VC and think it does something other than distract…or perhaps want to try to exploit it’s glitching… I can see getting the 3rd capstone. I personally don’t really care for it…especially in a tight fight where I have to have a lot of situational awareness like the Mutater at Level 9.

Cannot understand why folks spec Divert Power at 5/5…It’s a GREAT ONE point skill…a TERRIBLE waste at 5 points. (only lasts 3 seconds and the cooldown is a totally excessive 25 Seconds.)

Do not underestimate a Rolling Thunder/Omega Strike Combo. Very easy to build stacks and Wolf becomes an absolute KILLER on Mobs. It will KILL while points in Kill Switch and Scramble are wasted as Kill Swich NEVER kills anything and Scramble…I mean WHY…Wolf never dies…LOL

Wilhelm is at his best with a total abuse of Laser Guided…keeping Wolf and Saint out the longest and painting targets like crazy.

Your best DPS producers are laser Guided combined with Escalation and Targeting Scope. Hazmat is a GREAT one point skill. Afterburner at more than 6/5?? I mean why?? Wilhelm has other reload skills and unless you absolutely need projectile speed it’s a waste at more than 6/5.

Shock absorbers is only good if you run and gun and stay on the ground. If you hop around like crazy…like I do…it’s virtually a wasted point. Power Fist only spec if you are Freezing stuff like crazy…and even then, it might be better spent elsewhere…especially at level 70. Hard to Kill is VERY effective in places like the Hollodome or Mutater Areane or even Eos…but normal mobbing it is worthless as the stacks decay rapidly.

My Builds:

For Mutater Level 9, Hollodome and Eos using Hard to Kill:

For General Gameplay/ Mobbing:

And yes…I will spec VC for general Gameplay in those circumstances.

Of course all the above assumes a Freezing/Explosive approach with weapons like the Absolute Zero and Laser Disker. Different weapon combos will require build tweaks.

That is incorrect my good sir. It can at least kill normal mobs so long as 1/2 their shield is gone or you painted them before you set Wolf on them.

And I tried running 1/5 in divert power, and I hated it. To me, Wilhelm’s saving grace is that he can survive for decent amount of time with low health. Even if its only for 3 seconds every 25, Wilhelm (at least with the way I play him, although I think its a similar case for a fair number of people) really misses that extra damage reduction. It acts as a nice buffer for energize to refill your health and shield while badides wail on you, so the more the merrier I say!

Wow…not my experience at all…at least in Level 70. Kill Switch never was killing anything and I tried it extensively in thge Hollodome. Admittedly I have no idea if half their shield was gone.

I just wanted results and I wasn’t seeing any.

Glad it is working for you.

Divert Power though…you are going to have to convince me on. I see your point and maybe it’s my particular playstyle

One point GREAT skill in my book.

The other 4 points can be spent better…Hard to Kill for instance would be far better if you are getting constantly pummeled.

Funny how there really are no absolutes in this game…Everybody is different.

EDIT: Yes there is an absolute…maybe not in TPS but in BL2…


From what I’ve read of your posts in the past, you tend to be more conservative. I play more like this

Starting most mobs off at <30% health makes DP a must for me. Part of it also probably carry over from Jack, where I can get 50% (kind of, not exactly) damage reduction from Resolute and Delegation.

OT, but the more I’ve played Jack, the more I’ve realized that there is too much overlap between the two. I really don’t think there is anything Wilhelm can do better that Jack.

yes…you are definitely more aggressive than me.

I probably tend to try and solve it tactically with terrain, avenues of approach, fire lanes, cover and concealment probably way too much.

Hard to give up what was driven into your skull by the “school of hard knocks” for 25 years…LOL

I’m convinced Jack can do virtually anything better than Wilhelm…but that’s also part of the challenge…at least to me.

Same reason I played Axton. Good all-around…but not really special at anything…a bit underdamage producer compared to the others…no real OP skills. But at least Axton could Chuck like no tomorrow…LOL