Level 72 help for bl2

I currently have 4 characters level 50 or higher and have no one to help me to get to level 72. It would be deeply appreciated if you could help. Thanks

I’m game I just ask that I can do the lady finger mission. I need a level 72 ladyfinger

GT: JettaTheHut

Thanks man ill add you tommorow if u are ok with that :smile: Also i have 4 characters so you can do it 4 times if you have the time. gt is nmsull1209 if you are wondering

Anyone willing to help me I’m a lvl 14 with no guns GT: MAD LORD 263 ( I have no mic)

Do you mind boosting me to 72

Next time I’m on we can do the Bunker you get 24k each time I kill it and it drops legendarys like the bitch and the sham.

I would much rather do lIke nmsull1209 and I did and just play the campaign let me kill everything and you just revive me when . I need it.

I’m OP8 now so you get a ton XP just tagging along.

i can give you a headstart before jetta gets on

Yeah thx so much what’s your gt mines MAD LORD 263 send me a inv when your ready

Ok I need a inv I’ll add you

same as my username

ill be right on

Mines MAD LORD 263 btw I don’t have a mic

i just addded u as a friend

Yep same

Do you want to play tmoz

Ill be on soon but I have to beat the leviathan first and then may make a hyperious run. Both are level 82’s so there is no need for Yall to be in there.

Yeah I’m on all night

Just msg me when ur online