Level 72 items to give away

I have some level 72 items I don’t need anymore because I have a full set of op8 characters if u need any of these message me. ill update the list as stuff gets taken gt PeterL2014

breakneck banshee
magic missles (blue rarity)
bitch smg (fire)
homing caustic leech

wow I figured some of these items would have been gone pretty quick …none gone yet

Wow, that is an impressive list. Honestly I’d be happy to have anything you’re willing to offer. I just recently jumped back into BL2 and just got the upgrade pack to finally reach 72. But if any of these are still up for grabs I’d love to have them, I’m Azzkicker527 on the 360, I have a challenging work schedule at times so if I don’t answer right away don’t be frustrated.

fire Norfleet
hide of terramorphis

all my list is still available u can have whatever u need from it ill send u friend request when I get online

hello, do you still have the non elemental CC and hive available? I see you don’t have a sham anymore but that’s alright.

oops I forgot about this post , just updated the list of what level 72 stuff I have left

well dang, you still have the hive tho right? could I get that?

@njm12074 yes u can have the hive, my gt is PeterL87

ok im gonna hop on my xbox now

for some reason its giving me an error sending you a request, try adding me. Marauder12074

my bad my gt PeterL2014 …every time I got to type my xbox name I always type my minecraft name for some reason

ahhh that’s np, it happens sometimes. thanks a lot for the hive!