Level 72 legendaries for heads and skins

I’m looking for some heads and skins for my characters. Lost them due to shift. If you have any of these heads and skins, let me know and I’ll see if I have any level 72 guns you want. Here’s my want list so far:

Shrapnel Slayer
Kawaii killer
Elven Eliminator
My Ears Are Ringing
Super duper fly
Metal Blood

Dark knight
Dark Focus
Back In Black
Black As Day

If you want to message me in Xbox 360 my account is El Cuco65

I have the Admiral Asskick skin for trade. Give me a few hours though I have work in a bit.

Got it. What do you want for it?

I’m back. What do you have?

I got perfect versions of most of the legendaries and a couple of Seraph and Pearlecents. Unfortunately, I just got Admiral Asskick off Henry.

Ah darn, oh-well.

Sorry. If you can find any of the other heads and skins, let me know.

Sure thing.

Bah, just realized you’re on xbox one. Sorry I can’t help you.

Moved to the xbone online section


I still see this in the 360 section for some reason

THO says he is on the 360 in the OP. So I am not sure where or why it is thought it should be in the X1 aside from PHs comment.

He must have edited it. Originally it said to message him on Xbox One.