Level 72 legendaries

Looking for level 72 legendaries and maybe a legendary berserker class mod.
Add me! psn: Thy_Burdman

i do have 1 of those you want. but unfortunately i can’t do it right now sorry. i can do it later tonight.

Would appreciate that a lot! thank you!

got your stuff ready.

Sweet thank you

What’s with the thread spamming?

Just got powerleveled and I have never done uvhm before and I really want the best gear I can get if you can help me farm for some lyudas and some infinity pistols that be great

If you want the best weapons then you don’t want Infinities…What level stuff do you want?

Just want some level 72 snipers and some smgs maybe a pistol too

Oh ok…I can’t help you with level 72 stuff sorry.

Looking for level 72 gunzerker class mods, norfleets, and Trespasser sniper, quasar, infinity (all elements), magic missile x4, and chaotic evil monk and lastly sham with high absorb chance. Willing to trade any of my many legendaries.

  • Also looking for players to raid with and fight vermi.