Level 72 Mechromancer--looking for players around my level to help me with OP levels

I am looking for someone who is level 72 and can help me go through digistruct peak, you don’t need to have OP8 weapons, although it would be cool, but I would just like to play with people that are level 72.

My steam name: oozymrbunbun
If you are a low level, COMMENT ON MY PROFILE, and then i’ll add you. If you are private level 0/1, i might mistake you for a phishing bot. If you are like level 5+ and have hours on bl2 I’ll assume you are a person.

Side note: I am looking for a
Level 72 mechromancer class mod, and a level 72 norfleet.

I have almost all the DLC, I have the GOTY edition but i think there are some that are left out. We can also farm other bosses for funz :smile:

I don’t have a mic yet, I might get one soon tho. I don’t care if you don’t have a mic.

Yo, I have an OP 5 maya and level 72 krieg, keen to do digi and raid bosses with both of those? And anything else you fancy really. Mic can be useful with the tough moments but I don’t mind either way :slight_smile: My steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/shiningpie/