Level 72-op8 stuff for trade

i have to trade :
level 72 light sandhawk no element
op6 quasar
op7 emporer (shock)
level 72 slagga
level 72 teeth of terramorphis
op 8 omen (corrosive)
level 72 legendary cat
level 72 legendary siren
op8 legendary siren
op8 grounded hide of terramorphis
op8 hawkeye

i need:
level 72 fastball grenade mods any element but corrosive
level 72 legendary binder (siren)
op8 slayer of terramophis (mechromancer)
op8 stockpile relic with max stats in rocket launcher ammo and grenades

gt PeterL2014
ill update the list if i get more stuff to trade or get anything on the list of stuff i need
also im only gonna hang to this stuff for so long before i sell them because i dont need them and they are taking up inventory/locker space so if u need something from the list or wanna trade me something I need let me know
or i can help u farm for stuff u need if u return the favor and help me farm stuff i need

imma sell this stuff in a few days if no one wants it

i no longer have any of this stuff… post closed