Level 72 Rakk Attack build discussion

Specifically, non-Peregrine builds that are also Fl4k-focused in terms of damage. Has anyone messed around with this since Level 72 came out? If so, do you like it?

This used to be the only build type I ran up until multiple projectiles were patched out. I think it might be better to run now at Level 72 since you now basically have all the healing and all the distract with Dominance.

I am also wondering if you can still get the terror extra projectile anointment if you farm offline? I am thinking terror projectile plus Infernal Wish plus Two Fang equals all the projectiles. Is this anointment still obtainable or was it completely patched out?

I will post my first level 72 build attempt here shortly in this thread. At level 65, I was test-running a Urad Rakk Attack build that used cryo Rakks, an ASS Frozen Heart, an Ice Breaker Otto Idol, and obviously mostly cryo weapons. It was mildly suicidal but definitely my speed. :rofl:

Just trying to get some discussion going here. Forum is kinda slow, especially the Fl4k one.

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Guardian Angel + Revolter + URad + Rakk Pak = Chromatic birb flock


@boombumr I am kinda morally opposed to the Guardian Angel and the Re-Volter alike. :rofl:

I guess I mean I feel like those feel too easy to me? I feel like I sound like an elitist here, but I kinda like a build that’s not necessarily gimped, just that doesn’t use/abuse the totally insane gear. I feel like some of the more fun OP weapons are on the table if I try to figure out a build that relies more on skills and less on the gear I feel like is kinda cheaty.

I am doing a cryo Rakk ASS Frozen Heart build with an Ice Breaker Otto Idol. It’s fun but also challenging. I was spec’ing Dominance but now I am going to try it with TPI instead. The damage is fine but not what I was hoping for.

I am having fun with the Torrent actually. It chews through the ammo but it wrecks.


That’s a wonderful phrase taken out of context. :laughing:

Are you using the Rakk for regular, “free” anointment triggers, or for their own damage potential? (or both?)

Is the, “enemies damaged by Rakk take increased damge for x time” anointment still broken? Like how is everyone using Rakk for non-Peregrine combat? I have a FL4K build around Rakk Attack (Tediore allegiance, Spiderant pet). Rakk for me are just a side damage channel at the moment.

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@Adabiviak Last night I was doing cryo Rakks with Falconer’s Feast, splash and crit rolls on my COM and AOE and cryo on my artifact. I don’t believe I was using Grim Harvest. Extra ASE element on my grenade. Mayhem 10.

The Rakks were basically stripping the shields of any enemy that had shields, and taking a decent chunk of health if there was no shield. Occasionally if they hit the right enemy at the right time, the mob enemies were dying.

I’ll try to remember to post more tonight when I have time.

So here’s the build I was using last night. Skill Calculator • Fl4k • BL3 | Lootlemon

I tried TPI, but the build is still kinda squishy on a True Takedown. Yes, even with all that healing. Much easier to run Dominance as opposed to TPI - you lose out on damage but the survival seems to be way better.

Running the following gear:

Shield: ASS Frozen Heart
Grenade: Mitosis HS, ASE bonus cryo
COM: Cosmic Stalker with bonus crit and splash
Artifact: Ice Breaker Otto Idol with mag, AOE, cryo
Weapons: Cryo Plaguebearer with 125 splash; Free Radical with ASE cryo, OPQ with bonus corrosive, Crit with bonus cryo

So basically, I remain convinced that the Rakk build (without Peregrine or GA shenanigans) remains the most challenging build in the game to run effectively. The skill floor for this build would probably test some non-Fl4k mains’ patience. You really have to think about positioning in encounters and also proc’ing your Frozen Heart novas, which is quite fun. And now that HC seems to be working, the Rakks are plentiful with minimal cooldown.

I could try to run a Front Loader and go Urad, but I kinda don’t think that would be as challenging or fun. Not sure.

@Adabiviak And yes, the Rakks do real damage in the above build, they are not just the anointment proc’ers that they used to be.

Do you have a good R4kk P4k to try? This is easily my favorite RA COM for mobbing, it’s truly a shame all the Rakk wont hit the same target.

@vCarpeDiemv I have several good ones IIRC. I considered trying that, I just feel like Fl4k tends to give up some damage with that COM. I will try it.

The logical thing is to run Rakkslag gear with the Rakk Pakk, or it always was to me. Not 100% sure I have any Rakkslag gear these days. Maybe a couple pieces I have found recently perhaps?

Rakkslag still broken AFAIK

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@vCarpeDiemv Wow, that’s pretty low-rent. I thought I remembered this being patched. Oh well.

I moved away from the OPQ and to the Hail for the above build I posted. I find the Crit and the Hail both go really well with this build because of the high damage, crit modifier, and sustain on top of it. Those work really well with a Rakk build because the life steal fills in the gaps between the Frozen Heart novas and the return of the Rakks.

Also, I have a Deadeye with splash, crit, and weapon damage, and that works surprisingly well also. I view the Rakk Pakk, Cosmic Stalker, and Deadeye as more or less even for mobbing. For bossing you might want a Bounty Hunter?

The fact that Head Count actually works now, makes Rakk builds SO much more viable than they were before. You can just constantly cast Rakks, freezing everything, and kill everything - rinse and repeat.

Also, I think the build works better with regular Rakks, not cryo Rakks.

I would love to be wrong, but I don’t recall seeing it mentioned in any patchnotes.

The Crit is a top performer for Splash Rakk, it has a 150% crit bonus and can roll ASE Splash 125.

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Yeah, the Crit is amazing, but the same things as always hold it back - you drop it over a cliff at the worst possible time, and the weapon itself doesn’t get splash. I actually like the Hail a little bit better in this build. But both are amazing.

EDIT: Oh wow man, you are right on. Even though the Crit doesn’t get splash, I am absolutely laying waste with a 125 splash version in the GTD. The Rakks destroy. Interesting.

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Throw on R4kk P4k and you can go from a measly 4 birds to 12. Outside of Peregrine/Fish Slap BS this is easily my favorite way to play Rakk Attack.

If managed, you really don’t even shoot the gun outside of Takedown bosses with this build. So the reload gimmick is realistically dodged completely.

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Now if I could juuuust - figure out a way to use the Infernal Wish! I need like a Plaguebearer. And Urad.

No! No! Bad Tyson! This is a Rakk Build! :rofl: Not a GB Deathless build!

Although I have done the Urad Rakks with Deathless and it does work just fine. LOL

I do still prefer GB Deathless builds. I miss the distract and the extra free, always-on damage from the Infernal Wish. Who’da thunk a GB build would be more powerful than a GB build back in the days of level 50?

I switched to a Rakk Pakk (not even a great one for this build - only +2 on GH and +1 on PT - for the second half of the GTD (normal mode) and I have not shot yet and am about halfway through. Frozen Heart freezes everything, Ice Breaker +35%, crit damage on my COM, and holding a Crit. So I have stacked it up pretty good.

This is insane.

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You will need some gun damage for the beefier bosses, but any base game content can be ran without firing a shot.

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Groundbreaker doesn’t have anything to do with this, does it? I can’t see why it would, but game be gamin’.

And I would assume that Rakks get Overkill too, right?

Nope on Groundbreaker, the Rakk and Frozen Heart get all splash/AoE bonuses adding up for a nice amount of cumulative damage across a HUGE area.

Not sure about Overkill but I would be surprised if they get OK

There is so much healing with this that you could use a Victory Rush probably as well, since that supposedly was fixed.

I also switched back to TPI for this run as well.