Level 72 Rough Rider

Hey Guys,

I just hit lvl 72 the other day and im farming for a new rough rider but i dont know when to “stop” as i cant find any info on what health boost is a “good” health boost? what is the max you can get on a lvl 72 rough rider? i currently have one with 308k boost.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve seen them go up to I think 360,000. I think.

I think your health should be high enough at the moment where that extra 50k shouldn’t mean a WHOLE lot. It helps, of course, but you should be clean to go on and do what you need to do.

Best thread in the universe for questions like yours: http://oldforums.gearboxsoftware.com/showthread.php?t=327652

Max stats is +366620 health on a 72 RR, with a Maliwan Body + Battery and a Hyperion Capacitor. Looks like this:

But I agree with @Giuvito, yours is perfectly fine, these extra 58k are not too bad. Also consider that getting a perfect Rough Rider is a ridiculously low chance. For a Hide of Terra for example it’s a 1/729 chance (=999) to get a perfect one (and that’s if you get one that is not underleveled to drop), for the Rough Rider it might be a little less because I don’t think it can spawn with certain parts like a Maliwan or Torgue capacitator for example, but even then the chances to get a perfect one to actually drop are very, very low.

well at least i now have a target to aim for, cheers.

previously i had a 301k RR and my health was sat at around 1.8mil, with the 308k it went up to about 1.9mil so i think the extra 50k odd will add quite a bit! as the RR adds to base health before % boosts from other stuff (if i remember correctly).

brilliant link! thanks for that!

You’re welcome!

Ahh gotcha mate. Happy Hunting.

How is farming the Bulwark going anyway?

its a piece of piss m8, as the drop rate is pretty high. Just waiting for a good drop now, i’d be happy with a 340k+ sheild.

The drop rate is pretty decent on it, yes, but as said, getting a perfect one can take some time.

But yeah good luck. And for the sake of statistics, come back to the thread and tell us how many kills it took you to get a 340k+ one, will you?

I recommend scarifying something to RNGsus, for he can be a cruel god at times…

If you have a high level alternate character, (particularly Maya) it may speed up the mobbing portion. I found that killing all of the preliminary bullymongs to make Bulwark get out of his shell was so much quicker when the Missus was farming it for me then when I had to cycle through RTBs to get it.

hah! RNG gonna RNG, well i have now spent about 1.5hrs so far and it has dropped a few times but not enough in my opinion. I am up from 308k to 320k now. and yes gettign a bit tedious now ;_ ;

unfortunately i dont have a Maya up at that lvl ;_ ; it is a right pain waiting to get that cnut outta his shell!

I wouldn’t worry about it overly much unless you’re going to be doing the OP levels. If so, I would replace it about every 2 or so with one your level. I think mine’s a little over 9 mil @ OP 8, but it has perfect parts. Still, any extra health is worth it.

I got to OP7 yesterday with my trusty 72 Rough Rider. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah to make things easier changing it every few levels is probably a good idea. I wouldn’t say every two levels but maybe once at OP4 and once at OP6.
The bonus health is awesome on OP levels to mitigate the StV self hit damage, but everything else is manageable with a Moxxi weapon for when you’re in the danger zone over 33 but under 50 % health I find.

@zub razi: hey 340k is good, I’d settle for it tbh, especially if the farm starts getting way too tedious and feeling like a chore.
Also, I’m not sure how many better variants there are between yours and a perfect one, but I’d be surprised if there was more than one. Maybe yours is second best even…

yeah i am planning to do OP levels. And 9mil? lol you mean 900k surely?

yeah thats if i can get a 340k one! best i got today, after +4hrs farming it, was a 320k shield. Its surprising how many sub 280k shields drop! so frustrating!

Oh I got that wrong, I thought you said you got a 340k one.

I know it can take ages mate, that’s why I said yours is fine. The odds of gettin a perfect or even near perfect one are ridiculous.

Sorry, I was thinking of my full health, not the shield. Yeah, it’s only 900k or so.

Here’s what I use.


You lucky *unt! <3