Level 72 Siren Need Help With Getting OP 8 Can give OP 8 Legendaries

I need help getting OP 8 on my siren. I have some OP 8 Legendaries to give in return including the bee.

PSN: wildcat2084

Wat op r u?

im OP 0 i can help with the first few levels but i will need help for the later ones

do u have a level 72 sham i can give u an OP 8 sham in return

I need help leveling to 72 then OP I am at 60 now ?? ANYONE?

i have a 72 sham if you still need one i’ll trade for your op 8 sham :slight_smile: add me on psn TheDoctor51142

Ok add me when you can and join my game.

I tried adding you but it didnt work so add me when you can

I’m a level 72 gumzerker and currently running OP 4 with a mate any help appreciated
Psn - jayballs26