Level 72 Slag Cher Ami

Looking through all my old mules I came across a Level 72 Slag Cher Ami…

It has (if I am not mistaken) as high of a Slagging chance as a Slag Pimp

And I I got to thinking…

Is this a decent alternative to a Slag Pimp as it will Slag AND heal…and is totally Ammo efficient??

Or would this only be a consideration if you did NOT have a Pimp?

I am thinking LONG range engagements. Is the Pimp a good slagger at LONG Range??

Does the Cher Ami’s heal globes even reach you at long ranges??

I have been using a Slag Lyuda at long ranges…but it goes through a lot of ammo too fast in my opinion.

I like Chere-amie in multiplayer. It’s fun. Comparing it to Pimpernel in functionality though… The Pimpernel, even if it’s slag and not a matching element does a ton of damage on a proper shot. Hitting with the child bomblets is also multiplying your slag change to the point it’s basically guaranteed (+ you can slag surrounding enemies too with those).


I need to practice with a Pimp and get to know it better. I just did not snipe much as a Commando…or a Maya for that matter.

Totally understand the aim point is no longer the head.

But just a couple of general questions…

  1. Does it have good speed and accuracy at long ranges…or do you have to account for bullet speed unlike a Lyuda or Snider or Fremington Edge??

  2. In Deception…do I aim for a hit box…or the general “hit em in the junk”

  3. Stay away from the Velocity Skill…correct??

  1. & 3. Bullet speed (velocity) makes the bomblets jump way higher. I haven’t used velocity with a Pimpernel in years but I guess you can try 1 or 2 points, I wouldn’t suggest that though. Lyuda actually is affected by bullet speed, BTW. It chances the range at which the bullet splits into 3.

  2. In UVHM and with Pimp I always try for the max efficiency with the bomblets. Not applicable for every enemy in every situation of course.

Aim for hit box??


Aim for the Junk?

This one, most of the time.

Is this a decent alternative to a Slag Pimp

No. With maliwan you get two rolls to slag, one for the bullet and one for the splash damage. With the slag pimp you roll twice per bullet/pellet. The chere amie trades its splash for the heal, so you only get one roll with it.

Is the Pimp a good slagger at LONG Range??

The best at any range, if you ask me.

Or would this only be a consideration if you did NOT have a Pimp?

If you don’t have a slag pimp, the best option is a maliwan gripped slag snider IMO. With the splash, it’s 79.1% x 2 chance to slag. And since slag chance doesn’t scale with level or rarity, you have a good chance of finding one to keep just by looking for it as you climb levels.


Thank You!! Good Info!!

Stick with the slag Pimp unless you’re doing co-op with others who can’t heal, John. I think there’s a thread about how to aim it properly, but generally waist-high is the sweet spot so that all of the bomblets will hit. Note that the Bekah is also affected by Velocity in that its bullet split will happen much later the more points you put into it, thusly reducing its potential DPS.

I’m finding that I just don’t NEED velocity with what I use…Pimp…Lyudas

And since I deliver the DPUH or Raviger at Point Blank Range…it’s value is limited there as well.

I think the only time it might bve helpful for my style is an “Explosive Zer0” which is obviously not his most successful build and when sniping with a Cobra.

I’m thinking Velocity at 5/5 with an Explosive Damage Relic and all of Zer0’s crit skills would make it a monster.

But then again…ANY sniper with all of Zer0’s crit skills becomes a monster…LOL


I have always been less than impressed with Cobra’s performance.

My favorite slagger at all but close range? PBFG, SLAG EVERYTHING!

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[quote=“johnrr6, post:1, topic:1555399”]Or would this only be a consideration if you did NOT have a Pimp?[/quote]If all you’re after is slag chance, the Pimpernel is the way to go. I use a slag Chere-Amie (with Gaige): healing offsets Blood Soaked Shields, it’s bladed (so she can actually melee things), and the healing orb might be able to heal Deathtrap. Not that it’s a ton, but, you know, share the love. (I’m not entirely convinced yet that the orb can actually heal him - still testing).

[quote=“johnrr6, post:1, topic:1555399”]Does the Cher Ami’s heal globes even reach you at long ranges??[/quote]Nope - there is a limit to their range. It’s relatively far, but some people’s definition of long distance sniping is the pedestrian crossing in Lynchwood as seen from the roof of the train station. :rolling_eyes: