Level 72 Verucs, Fastballs and a couple Lyudas Giveaway

I spent pretty much all day Sunday farming Fasballs, and Lyudas for my just leveled 72 new Zer0.

Finally got a decent set but in the meantime got a crapload of Verucs and Fastballs that doubled Elements I already had…a couple of Lyudas as well.

Free to a good home:

72 Scout Veruc
72 Slag Deep Veruc
72 Shock Attack Veruc
72 Fire Feral Veruc
72 Patrol Corrosive Veruc
72 Skorry Shock Lyuda
71 RaRez Corrosive Lyuda
72 Explosive Fastball
72 Fire Fastball

Steam is johnrr6 and I am usually available after 6 PM Eastern Standard US Time (GMT-5)