Level 80 Maya, Looking for Co-Op Partners on BL2

Been looking to see if I can’t get some help killing Terramorphous, as I was able to get him down about half-way before running out of ammo, also hoping to see about getting either a higher damage Slag Assault Rifle of the BlASSter type and/or a higher damage rocket launcher with slag damage.

Here’s my weapon loadout.
Expandifide BlASSter LVL 80 / 235,449 DMG Slag
Auditing Hybridification OP8 / 3,017,546 DMG Shock
Plump Lance OP8 / 1,249,765 DMG Explosive
Puissant Norfleet OP8 / 24,450,960x3 DMG Fire

Inflexible Shock Spike Shield OP8 / 5,789,488 Shield Shock
Merciful Nurse Class Mod LVL 80 / +9,697.0 Team Health Regen/sec.
Blood of the Ancients LVL 80 / +62.0% Max Health, +85.0 Pistol Max Ammo, +85.0% Sniper Rifle Max Ammo
Sticky Homing Bonus Package LVL 80 / 2,546,789x10 DMG Explosive

PSN: Ryukuiin

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I’m not quite at level 80 yet. Finished the new DLC and I’m farming Uranus for XP and loot until 80. Should be done in a couple of days at most. PSN: TitoMcPhadden

I’m playing a Deputy Sal build so even if I’m underleveled, I’ll still be able to deal enough damage to help kill him quickly. Sal is broken, after all.

Hey add me on PSN gods_messenger94
I run Maya with bee hawk combo. OP6. Looking for a good cat class mod

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Also just someone else to run with

Hey if you need help leveling up using the infinity pistol with the bandit in Marcus’s shop let me know. gods_messenger94

I sent friend requests to both of you… now to wait. :stuck_out_tongue:

Had a group of players join me earlier, took down Uranus, Hyperius and Terramorphous on UVHM… still need to schwack Haderax. Took on Digistruct Peak, got to OP9… still need to get to OP10.

I just soloed Haderax today before work. That was fun. By fun I mean hard AF and kind of frustrating when I realized I was better off WITHOUT the Writhing Peak Set gear. Evolution or Neogenator would be good to have over the Retainer for those damn slag attacks. Anyway, I will add you both soon. Had to work 12 hours today. Still at work, actually. I will add you tomorrow. Just so ya know, if it’s not a Jakobs shotgun, you can loot it without me caring at all. Loot away. I’m playing for fun more than the loot.

Now if y’all wanted to help a brotha spawn Triple O so I could get me a Twister, then I wouldn’t complain. Hasta luego, Vault Hunters.

Wish I saw this message at around Level 78 when I was getting burned out from killing an increasingly difficult Uranus with mostly level 64 gear and level 72 blue Coach Gun. I didn’t even know what that method was until 2 days ago when it was done. BTW, Uranus dropped me like 5 Infinitys AND I haven’t taken Rock, Paper, Shotgun, nor sent Sanctuary airborne yet. So it would have been quick and easy. Live and learn. Thanks anyway