Level 80 OP 10 Not Worth It?

I read some old threads in other fora where some people were saying that the sweet spot of feeling powerful and not going against overly powerful opponents is to get to level 72 OP 2 and not try too hard go any further.

Given that the new DLC increased the level cap to 80. Do you find that the same reasoning applies, but this time to level 80 op 2?

I suppose that I ask because I see some people offering to boost players to level 80 op10 and never really thought about there being any drawbacks to taking someone up on the offer.

no real drawbacks to being OP10 if you wanted to play on a lower difficulty…there’s no real change level 72-80, just you have 8 more skill points at the end of it…L80 isn’t any easier or harder than 72 used to be…With Maya, before I found a group to do a peak run with and get to OP10, I was playing at OP4 with L80 gear and it seemed about right…


“Sweet spot” will vary greatly depending on the build and the player. I’d say OP2 is conservative for many build. The main difficulty not being to play at any level but the Peak runs to get to that level.

That’s the thing. If you get to OP10 without decent gear or knowing what to farm where. If you never really played the game much on UVHM and start at OP10. You might be in for a “Nasty surprise”.
There’s no point in power leveling to that extent unless you know what you’re doing.


OP10 is… wow geez it’s just the definition of broken IMO. OP8 was bad, but damn. Why do I say that? Well, the raid boss in the new DLC took my group 15 minutes to make a dent then they did a special move, hit 1 of us, and regained enough health to negate the past 15 minutes of damage we did… and one of us died in the process. Before that, I took on several level 80 bosses with a mix of OP8-10 purple and above equipment and only scrapped by some of them. Died a couple times in a few.

I’d say if you have someone who can carry you through Digistruct to OP10, cool. You can grind special currencies in standard difficulties then buy legendaries and stuff in OP10 mode for decent gear (if you wanna feel a tad more powerful back in lvl80-Op4ish). At this point, it looks like only people who cheat… or people who powergame AND cheese with Sal… can compete on OP10 raids/bosses. OP is not something you do for fun unless you enjoy basing your skull against a steel wall at 80mph repeatedly. That’s just my opinion.

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This is very, very far from the truth.

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Hm. Hard to answer because that’s really up to you. Where do you enjoy playing at, level-wise?

I’m level 80 OP5, and will probably make it to OP6 in the next day or two depending on how much I play. But I can pretty much guarantee that’s as far as I’m going to get, I’m not skilled enough to get to OP7.

Which is fine with me. And I wouldn’t consider a boost. Not for any purity reasons, play however you want. But for the reason Dr-Do alluded to.
If I get someone to boost me to OP10 then I won’t have a clue how to act when I’m there on my own. Simply having more powerful guns doesn’t increase my personal skill. I’d probably be more frustrated playing OP10 that I didn’t grind to than not.

So I stick to my natural level. And yes, I do sometimes drop back to OP0 and simply blast the heck out of everything.

But the real answer is - Play however you want. If someone boosts you to OP10 then you can play at any OP level, so pick what you enjoy the most.

Edit: It’s kinda ike what I’m doing right now. I started a BoostedSalvador. I have never played Sal past level 9, and now I have a level 30 one that was just gifted to me by Gearbox, and I have no clue what I’m doing with him. Didn’t progress through the skill trees, don’t have a clue about how best to gunzerk, haven’t learned what his ideal weapons and my play style are. Fun but frustrating.


That’s just what I’ve experienced. I’ve been on OP10 for close to a week and the only people I’ve seen actually do anything substantial in raids have been Zerkers. Got one or two Zer0s, and a Maya, but the only bosses that I’ve seen beaten were because of a Salvador. I’m stating this based on what I’ve personally seen and experienced. I’m not saying it’s 100% you CAN’T unless you’re Sal.

And let’s be honest, just playing normally and getting legendaries for OP8 or 10 (whichever was the max at that time) wouldn’t necessarily get you anywhere. You still had to have the EXACT spec build and gear and play things a certain way. You couldn’t just play like a fairly normal gamer. You had to adopt an MVP ESport Perfect Build 360 No-Scope Mythic Raider Professional StarCraft Player mentality (exaggeration, but still valid) with every aspect of your character. Moreover, you typically can’t solo anything on those difficulties which makes it especially frustrating for us solo players out there who want to enjoy all the content the game has to offer.

It takes the fun out of the game and makes it such a slog grindfest. I know some people enjoy that, but endgame should be for everyone IMO, not just those willing to disregard their personal playstyles/preferences and grind for literal days to get the required equipment to beat a boss.
(awaits the replies of “Git Gud, Scrubmuffin”)

Not at all. Yes, the OP levels are hard (as they should be) and the average casual Sunday gamer will probably struggle through them, but you can survive at OP10 with farmed gear. You make it sound as though they’re nigh impossible and only the most absolutely elite of players can reach that height. That’s a misconception. Yes, some guns are better than others and some skills are almost mandatory, but that’s no different from playing at OP0, or any other RPG at endgame. Parts make a big difference for endgame speed running, but not so much for just playing and surviving, you can farm your way to OP10 if you have the constitution for it.

Now I’m not saying that OP10 is easy, it’s not for everybody, many players stay at OP0 and that’s fine, but to say something like;

makes me think that you just need to practice and/or farm more, because you most certainly can. And if you can’t, you can just drop down to a more comfortable level. You’re a solo player who’s new to OP10, you can’t expect that you’ll be able to just pick up any old gun, walk into a raid boss arena, and win. Farming is a huge part of Borderlands, that was heavily emphasised in UVHM and even more so in OP levels. It takes time to farm a full kit, and even more to learn raiding strategies. And don’t forget that by design they’re supposed to be fought by a team of four, trial and error is a big part of figuring out how to kill them solo. If after a week at OP10 you still haven’t killed one, then it sounds to me like the game is working as intended. Endgame is not supposed to be easy.

That would defeat the purpose of endgame. If raid bosses could be beaten by any player using whatever loot they found, it wouldn’t be endgame at all. Difficulty and farming is what creates replayability in a game like Borderlands. It’s a big part of the reason why TPS has a smaller playerbase, there’s lees to do at endgame and it’s not as challenging.

Edit: I should mention that I’m also a solo player. I do play co-op, but I’m primarily solo and anything I do co-op I can do solo. I’m far from the best player, I’m no elite, but I get by just fine playing solo at OP10.

I think you’re being a bit hyperbolic with some of these statements. There are a large number of us on these forums that play OP8 or now OP 10 solo in addition to many many others worldwide…Is it hard, yes…that’s the point, the game is kind of dull and boring for us without that added challenge, something that BL1 lacked.

I am far from what anyone would call an elite player, but I learned the game, learned basic builds, understand the healthgate mechanic, and know what weapon or weapon classes are generally better than others. Other than playing the game a lot to know how enemies attack, you don’t need much more than that to survive at OP levels. You don’t need an absolutely perfect build because that’s not a thing that exists. Yes the top tier weapons are better and it would be easier on your first go through of the OP levels if you just stuck to the top tier (DPUH’s, pimps, sandhawks, bees etc.).

The raid bosses do require specialized setups and mechanics, I agree, I’ve never beaten Voracidous, the Dragons, Dexi, or Vermi solo with anyone at OP8 or higher. That doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to do it though, given the number of people that have done it and the number of you tube vids. I don’t really like BL2 raid bosses and haven’t put that time in, like I have with just playing the game.

However, as someone who plays the game at max level solo, it most certainly can be done and be done with a range of gear (as the tier just below top tier contains a ton of options). If it’s not for you, no big deal, with most characters, playing two levels above (OP 2 if you are using 80 gear) is a good zone for most people.

I’d try to avoid mythologizing OP10 as some impossible mountaintop peak though, it’s just a harder version of what you are already doing, that’s all.

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Again, that is my opinion. OP10 is infuriating because even with all my skills, high tier gear, and perseverance, I still have made no progress in over a week. But that Gunzerker who joined me with the gibbed gun? ■■■■ still took 5 minutes. That’s honestly all I have to say. I don’t recommend playing on the difficulty because it’s too much for too little. It ain’t worth it if I need to sacrifice my fun and enjoyment of the game.

It really is different than OP0. On OP0 I can run through nigh any boss with purples/blues and chew ass and kick gum. In OP8 I needed to deck out with legendaries and above which took me a long time to farm and I still only got through the Digistruct because of several other people joined in and basically carried me (much to my disappointment and slight shame). It is not like any other RPG endgame because you can typically level up enough to meet the challenge. The enemies you face in OP10 are literally 9-12 levels above you. Even in the quests you accept at that level they’re labeled as “IMPOSSIBLE”.

AKA: Git Gud, Scrub. I don’t need to practice more. I have played FPSs my whole life and one can only do so much when fighting enemies which have auto aim and can typically take out 1/3rd of your health in one shot… and there are 9 of them at any given moment… all shooting at you. No impossible, but “getting better gear” is not the solution. I have done that. I am decked with what most have recommended as some of the best equipment in the game and it’s still damn near impossible.

Then why the hell would anyone want to invest their time, money, energy into something they can’t (and potentially will never be able to) beat? Why set the bar so ludicrously high that all the end of a week (total of maybe 21-26 hours) of attempting it, one cannot win? That isn’t a game, that is a system designed to punish you for doing any other way than absolute perfection.

I said it should be for everyone. NOT that it shouldn’t be a challenge. Why should the content after the story be reserved for people who are willing to sink literally hundreds, if not thousands, of hours into the game and make sure all their skill points are allocated in certain skills in the right numbers, while also not being able to play their favorite character because they aren’t effective enough to compete against a specific boss.

I think the system is broken. Again, I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it is exclusionary. It has a ridiculous bar for entry and it overall isn’t worth it. I’m all for a challenge, but when a single boss takes me and three (decked out in farmed OP10 legendaries) friends 20 minutes to knock down to 5/6th health then instantly regenerates that health because it hit one of us… that isn’t fun. That isn’t a challenge. That is “why should I bother doing this if it is tedious, frustrating, and unrewarding”.

Sorry, but I find it hard to believe that you can kill raids at OP0 with found gear if you can’t at OP8/10 with high tier loot.

Have you played Diablo III? Try farming Key Wardens then killing uber bosses and getting a Hellfire Ring on the highest difficulty all with found gear. That’s not how RPGs work.

That is how endgame works. It’s not supposed to be easy and you’re not forced into doing it. Endgame is challenging. It’s not surprising that after only ~20 hours at OP10 you haven’t ascended to godhood and conquered the endgame. How boring would it be if it was that short and easy? TPS was, and it has a very small playerbase largely due to lack of replayability.

The challenge is why it’s not for everybody, and it shouldn’t be. How boring the game would be if any average player could pick up a random purple sniper and clear the game with it. Raiding is difficult, it requires farming and strategy, any game that has endgame raids/bosses is the same. BL2 isn’t just point and click to win, it never has been and it shouldn’t be.

Because that’s how post-story metagaming works. You don’t have to do it, and you shouldn’t expect to win just because you want to.

That sounds like a challenge to me. If you don’t find it fun, then don’t do it. Or if you really want to then theory craft, farm, practice, strategise. There are plenty of videos and guides you can study. Why should the game be made easier just because some can’t meet the endgame challenge? Walking into what’s supposed to be a tough fight and winning because you fired a few shots in the right direction without any real thought isn’t fun either. If that’s what you want, Salvador exists. Farm OP10 gear and play at OP0 if you want to play your favourite character and use whatever items and skills you want. You’re not made to do any of it, it’s called endgame for a reason. And it’s difficult because that is how endgame content works in any game that has it.

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There are people already doing speed kills of haderax with their main toon. I think you should watch a few vids and reconsider.


Just a reminder to all that debate and differences of opinion should never devolve into personal drama, so let’s not go there eh?

Also a point: OP levels were never intended to be for everyone, but an optional challenge for the hard core fans.

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I hope I didn’t come off as harsh. Sometime easy vs hard is a fearing or skill point allocation, other times it’s just too sweaty for people’s taste.

These solo speed trial vids make raid bosses seem so easy & yes – they are done by top tier players. I’m sure it would be easier for ‘normal’ people to do this with a coordinated, cmmunicating team but BL2 doesn’t make that too easy to do. Instanced loot in BL3 might make it more appealing to group up.

I just started playing bl2 a couple months back, got to op4 right before the dlc came out and I’m op10 now with Maya. I have accumulated the best quest related gear pretty much along with numerous other, easier to get pieces of endgame gear. I would say I’m more of a casual but have bursts of intensity.

Honestly, I’m very good at gaming but far from the best and I’m chugging along. I beat tiny Tina’s story, new dlc including haderax, just beat muderlins 3+4 on op10, 3 was awful, probably took 13 or 14 attempts, finally had to switch to neoganater to stay alive long enough to kill things. Had to switch back to bee/hawk for 4 though, winded up failing twice without it.

These little tweaks are what will help you succeed, I switched weapons and relics numerous times on 4, depending on the enemies. I’ve also farmed the heck out of Uranus, midgets, tubbies, handsome sorcerer, and the top tier weapon quests so I have better versions of all the gear to switch between.

Relics and class mods you can use lower level ones, you just want the variety. I have all three blood of the ancients at various levels and same with legendary class mods, sheriff’s badge (level 50), explosive relic, top quality blue class mods.

I also use different specs too because some skills are just better suited to the gear or area you’re in. Snap a screen shot of your favorite specs or save it to your browser in the calculator.

TLDR: adapt, understanding your enemies as well as your characters strengths and gear will help tremendously. You still have to put time in to get great gear though. Took me about 1.5 hours to get a flying sandhawk of each element and it only took about 15 seconds to get a new roll. Even with those rolls, I have two that have weaker grips.