Level 80 Shock Bitch, please

As a last ditch effort to sustaining my Maya build, I want to trade anything I have for a level 80 bitch with shock element.

I have pretty much everything one could want at level 80 - though probably not with perfect parts: Conference Calls in all elements; several Norfleets; a Twister; Infinities in all elements; a decent 89% sham; bitches in all elements (except shock, of course) - and more.

As the shock bitch is apparently the only gun that’s impossible for me to obtain in my game (I’ve farmed it beyond the limits of reason), I’ll trade anything for it, provided of course that I have it.

And even if I don’t have it, I’ll farm it and then trade it.

good luck to yah!
After 8,000 hours in BL2 and hundreds farming the Bunker I’ve accumulated only 24 B-tches, and only one Shock one (lvl 24) so finding a lvl 80 is a noble, but perhaps fruitless, Quest.

I have to say, the mythical Shock Bitch has got to be lowkey the dark secret weapon of this game. Before getting into BL2 I never heard anything about it, and never read anyone talking about it or its appalling rarity. But now that I’ve brought it up here, the truth is coming to light.

Prior to beginning BL2, the impression I was given was that, as far as general weapons go, the most difficult to obtain were, in no particular order: the Norfleet, the Nirvana, the Twister, the 4-ball Magic Missile, and a few others I can’t recall. Well… it was painful getting the Norfleet, but not painful enough to keep me from getting three of them. The Twister? Huge pain in the ass, but totally doable with a little effort.

The thing about the shock bitch is that it’s not merely a pain in the ass - it’s that its drop probability is abysmally low, owing to Bunker’s extremely diluted loot pool. Plus, for some reason - and this is just my anecdotal sense of things - shock variants of a few weapons are just rarer than other elemental variants. This most definitely holds for the bitch.

I’ve been farming Bunker for over a hundred hours, and I’ve got a hell of a lot of bitches (errr… you know what I mean). Haven’t kept count, but I don’t even pick them up anymore. Yesterday I got two straight slag bitch drops in a row - those drops break my heart every time, since the gun looks like it might be blue… then it darkens… and I see it’s purple… and I die a little inside.

I agree except for the 4 ball MM. I usually can get one of those in 20 minutes of farming in Dragon Keep.

But yeah, the correct element B-tch is near-impossible. I recounted and I’ve got 28 total, and 3 (three) of them are elemental, one shock, one fire, one slag. Very very tedious and unrewarding farm.
Heck, I’ve found 5 Cobras along the way without even farming for 'em, just regular playthroughs of Torgue DLC.

Hey, I appreciate you dropping a comment here, by the way.

One of the reasons I really want to get some of this gear isn’t even my intent to use it (I never use my Norfleets, just keep 'em in bubblewrap), but so that I could start experiencing the game the way people do who care about it and therefore talk about it. It helps me join the conversation, which can carry on at quite lofty levels among devotees.

Derch’s whole channel, for instance, has been a huge help to me, but until I began approaching something like his Twisted Pimp build in my actual game, I couldn’t do anything but listen to him and say, “Alright, cool.” It’s one thing to see him sing the praises of the bitch’s synergy with Maya; another to really get a grip on it for myself.

It’s true that I could just call it a day and get busy with my other bitch’s, but shock is just so damn useful. That’s the one I had designated to be my go-to.

Well, in any case, I’ve said a bunch of things here and in another thread I started in a state of blistering frustration, which I trust isn’t a novel emotional state around these parts. I really do love this game; I wouldn’t be so upset if I didn’t.

Sorry to double post here but I have to ask -

I’ve been farming for a cobra recently, and I was, perhaps, a bit too encouraged by your remark that you’d found five of them, combined with Gearbox apparently “buffing” the drop rates for them.

Needless to say, the black cloud over my head ensured that all of my encouragement was doomed to disappointment, frustration, and glazed eyeballs.

I’ve been searching hell and high water for info. on these supposed buffed drop rates, but I cannot find anything solid. Some people reported easily obtaining a cobra immediately after the buff was reported, but afterwards it seems to have gone back to being stupid rare.

I just want to know what my damn chances are. We have good numbers for legendaries and even effervescents like the Nirvana. It took me forever to get a Nirvana, but it has a 1% drop rate, so I get it.

And then as usual, I go on YouTube hunting for “farming a cobra” videos. A Joltz video comes up and he’s like, “Man, what a long farm, it took me like three hours.” Three f**kin’ hours? As I might have said elsewhere here, I consider myself extremely (extremely) lucky if I get any weapon I’m farming to drop in only three hours.

It was the same with the Nirvana. Many of the video-makers said, more or less, “Geez, I had to kill like eighty of these badass guys. What an awful farm!”

I begin to question my game when I hear stuff like that. I had to kill at minimum 600 of them. I had reached the point where, at a 1% drop rate, my chance of having got at least one drop by then was like 99.9%, and I still hadn’t got one.

Anyway, I can’t even get that much definitive data on cobra drops. Some people even think Gearbox quietly lowered the drop rates again after raising them. But again, that’s just opinion.

How long would you have to farm to get a cobra, you think? Where did yours drop? Farming the Beatdown is an annoying PITA, and I wonder if there are areas or specific types of burners (badasses?) who are more likely to drop it.

I really have no clue how long it would take.

I’ve never farmed for the Cobra (since I consider Lyudas better), they’ve just dropped.
Most of them in the Beatdown as I’m on my way to Pete.
But I got two (2) as world drops at random places around Pandora, which surprised the heck out of me.

So no clue on farming it, they just sometimes drop.

NOTE: I have 8,763 hours in BL2 on my Xbox, 2,768 on my PS4, 1,204 on Steam, and 967 on BL2/Mac App Store version. So more than 11,000 hours to find those Cobras as simple drops.
2nd NOTE: Yes, yes indeed, I play Borderlands a lot.

More than 11,000 hours - well that makes me feel somewhat better, since it tracks with my experience.

I guess there isn’y anything official out there on the drop rates. Just have to take Gearbox’s very vague word for it. (Technically, going from .88 to .89 would be a raise in the drop rate; so I have no clue if this purported buff was even significant enough to matter.)

I don’t think Cobra’s are the bomb (no pun intended) or anything, but I love Jakobs sniper rifles, and I would definitely use it whenever I got the chance. I often stop using Pimps and just use the Amigo Sincero out of love for Jakobs - at least, whenever I can get away with it.

Well, regardless, appreciate the reply.

Oh, and PS - I have never heard of a cobra world drop. Didn’t even know it was possible. the more you know

Surprised the heck out of me also, I didn’t know it was possible either.

The Amigo is a heck of a good gun…

[/quote] The Amigo is a heck of a good gun…

I absolutely love it. Biggest surprise of the game for me, since prior to getting it I didn’t even know it existed.

Old thread, but i do have one shock. But it is op10, maybe you have leveled since your request :thinking:

Really appreciate the offer - I did after all beg for this item. Actually, finally getting one was one of the reasons I didn’t level up. I ended up with too much gear that’s too time-consuming to farm at level 80, and I decided I’d rather be able to use it than go OP and “have to” farm it all again. (I wouldn’t “have to” do that, of course, but you know what I mean - compulsively, I’d have to.)

Anyway, thanks again for the offer.

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