Level and OP Levels

Hi All,

Level 60 Siren here. Currently I am just about to do Bar Fight Level 3 till Level 72 and then if anyone wants to help me out with the OP levels as well? I’d appreciate the help.

My steam is Christianbryan93. I’ll be doing the Bar Fight for about 4 hours from now. and then when i wake up in the morning. Which will be between 9 AM - 10 AM GMT. (At the time of this post it is around about 20:40)

Thanks and have a nice day.
PS: If i posted this in wrong area sorry about that!

[quote=“christianbryan93, post:1, topic:1552973”]if anyone wants to help me out with the OP levels as well?[/quote]I lurk at OP3, and am constantly running missions and finding loot that I sell off. If you’re looking for something in particular when you get to OP3, I can keep an eye out for it and give it to you as I tour Pandora. I’m sitting on an OP3 94% Sham that’s headed for Marcus’ greedy little fingers, for example.

Hi I play an OP8 Siren (steam name : neverley

Enjoy helping folks through the peak. You can go forward and I can slag and res in the background if desired…