Level Balancing

I’ve been playing Incursion for hours upon hours and about half of the time, I’ve been stuck with a bunch of level 10 players against a team of level 125+ players. It’s starting to become unfair. I don’t know if it’s the game or I’m just not as skilled as I used to be, it would be nice to at least be on a team with players of similar ranks as I am.

Can their please be a level balancing tweak on the next update?

What system are you on?

xbox one

CR-ranks have nothing to do with matchmaking. It´s not used for the process.

An ELO-rating is used for MM, but it´s not as strict anymore to enable faster MM overall. When I remember correctly Draft Mode had tighter ELO, but I could be wrong.
They changed the ELO-rating alot, lost track… at some point ELO was changed in a way to allow faster MM, so you could go matched with almost every player with any ELO-rating.

Possible that this is still the case in the current MM-process.

I hears there’s some lfg communities on xbox. Maybe joining one could help you not be paired up with low levels?

Solo and duo queue should be returning soon. Much better games.