Level Boosting for Trophy's

Hi , I’d like some assistance in boosting my levels for Nisha (27) and Claptrap (5?), via Kraggon Raidboss preferably.

My ID is LightTenko

I have over 150 friends in my PS3 mainly because I play PS4 now, and the limit is 100 on PS3, so I can’t add anymore unless I do a massive purge. So PM me or comment here in this thread, so we can set an online session up. It’s not very lively with players I tend to find, so it’ll be easy. I’d like to transfer my data to my Handsome Jack Collection on PS4 asap. Thanks.

For Nisha’s AS trophy you need lvl 3 (lvl 8 optimal). For CL4P-TP you need lvl 25.

You can always use PlayStation mobile app or website for managing your friend list.

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Oh, thank you. I completely forgot about it. That crosses Nisha off my list then, I only need Claptrap level boosting now.

Also you can upload your character to PS4, play it as long as you want and then move it back to PS3.

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