Level cap for each play mode

Hi every one.
I’ve being playing all the borderlands games in the last months. Now I’m currently at TPS, just finished tvhm, and going for uvhm.
But I have a problem with this games and is related to each one of the different modes.
I’ll explain myself.
Play this games being over leveled really takes away all the fun. And when you have finished let’s say normal mode, you start tvhm and even when you can go back to nvhm, you always will be op.
I’m wondering if wont be cool to have the ‘option’ to chose if you want to get in there with your current level (4 example to get challenges), or if you just want that every time you get in any play trough you get level capped for that part. As for example when you reached level 50, when it was the level cap.
Will be nice to play if I want an easier mode, just to be level capped at 30 in nvhm, and remain at that level, but if you wanted to go in the other modes then you will be able to play them at the level you are.
Why not putting an option to play it any time you want at a proper level and not just everything so under leveled?
I hope you can understand what I’m proposing and I excuse if my English is not good. Would love that people support this and maybe gearbox hear it somehow.
Anyone feel free to rephrase this to make it more understandable.
I think that this one should be an option to us, so if you want you can play the game in a fun and challenging way, without being forced to go on other levels. If you want to play just in normal mode, or tvhm, it really sucks when you get over leveled. It takes away all the challenge.

The grammar of your proposal is kinda wonky, but I don’t mind, and I completely agree with your point. It would allow players (especially in BL2’s UVHM) to play on their preferred difficulty without being overlevelled. Personally I don’t really like Borderlands 2’s UVHM, as it ruins many builds and skills and takes some of the fun out of the game. I know many people disagree with the previous statement but the proposal of the OP sounds like an excellent idea for the Borderlands franchise.