Level Cap Increase, Farming Gear Problem

Hey Gearbox, I love playing Borderlands 3 but so far I’m not liking that me and players alike want to keep farming for gear every time you guys increase the level cap. I like the fact your increasing the level cap because it allows players to further tinker with their builds and form new strategies with their favorite vault hunter but the farming for gear every time you guys decide to increase the level cap is a bit jarring at times…especially when you have that perfect stat legendary gear. I believe something can be done about this so as you guys are releasing new content with exclusives legendary gear or new downloadable content for the future this can be overcome easily. Lately I’ve been noticing new players buying borderlands 3 physically or digitally and I know some of the players. one major compliant that came about with me and some of my friends was they wish their was a way to up scale your current gear from its previous level like for instance from 53 to level 57 mayhem 10 version of the gear without having to constantly farm so much so players can further enjoy the base game, downloadable content, and future events similar to the Cartel event and prior events.

Idea 1: I was thinking maybe as free content you can include a new location like one of the trial locations in the base game or something completely new, where you go help this tinker out and when done your able to go to this new location in order to tinker your current weapon, shield, grenade, and artifact to the max level in the game with Mayhem 10 modifiers and numbers on them.

Idea 2: Perhaps if the first idea want work maybe you could make a NPC on Sanctuary 3 that’ll tinker your weapon to the max level and mayhem 10. Like a machine could do this or an NPC that’ll need to be created and maybe have 2 or 3 missions to go into back story on the NPC to make it fit in the borderlands universe.

Basic Premises: So my idea would work like this:

  1. The player has their gear doesn’t have to be legendary, it can be what ever class and variant of the gear…so white, green, blue, purple, legendary, and future weapon class.

  2. The player gives their gear to the tinker or the tinkering machine then some check boxes or selections appear. The player makes their selections then proceed to the weapon scaling up stats. Selections such as: Mayhem Mode Modifiers 1-10/Keep current stat roles on gear/Keep current anointment on gear.

  3. Once the player has made their selections you either keep all current stats on the gear and scale to max level with Mayhem Mode 1-10 or just scale it to the current max level.

  4. Another thing you can do with the selection screen or pop in with the tinkering machine or person, is that you can decide what you want to keep on your gear and or what you want to change on your gear then the tinkering machine or person will randomly give the gear a new anointment and new gun parts randomly generated from how you guys already have your loot system in place so kind of like a pool of parts for weapons that you can choose from. With shields grenades, and class mods it’ll just be the stats.

  5. Lastly the tinkering machine or person show up 2 or 3 different versions of that gear based on your selections to modify and scale your gear up, then the player choose which version of the gear they want to add to their backpack.

With something like this in place you can add more free content after beating the base game and evolve this feature even further. Like the currency you would use with this would be the base game currency: money. I suppose if you want to you could include a new currency for tinkering your gear or use money and eridium to help get better results upon tinkering your gear to better stats, roles, and anointments.

In conclusion: I think something like this being added into the game for free will allow new players and veteran players keep all the loving gear they farmed for or put time and effort into getting that perfect gear without having to go through all the hassle again to get it on a higher level/mayhem 1-10. So gear from exclusive/limited time events will still be useful and players can further create new builds with unique interactions like when you guys made the terror anointment gear. The builds with those pieces of gear was amazing and game changing but now no uses them because you cant. Currently it would be so cool to have a level 60 OPQ system from mayhem 10 or a fish slap grenade but you cant. So having this system in place will allow players who participated and played the new events in the game can still have that awesome new gear and keep it with them for future builds or just wanting to use something different thats not the “meta of borderlands like it is currently.” In order to play the new content now you need reflux, maybe a brain stormer, monarch, recusion, plagueberner, the other rocket launcher I cant remember the name of…and thats about it because most of the weapons currently in the game along with other gear are under performing. I beleive with this new tinkering system in place it’ll change and fix all of these things.

Personal Opinion: I have no problem farming for gear but having to do constantly every time the level cap increases kind of makes me not wanna play the game so I can use my crazy builds and have fun playing takedowns and dlc or limited time events.

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I wish that there was some sort of farming event with every level cap similar to the Rare Spawn and Loot The Universe events.

This would help players gear up with at least the higher quality WD items before tackling harder Takedown and M6+ weapon farming.


i bet there will be people saying "Uh borderlands is all about farming, if u have everything why would u play " argument