Level cap increase is not inherently bad. Refarming gear in the current system is. Here's a suggestion to change that

I dislike the all or nothing drop system we have in this game. You have no idea if you’re going to get your desired com/whatever in the next 10 runs or the next 10000. The worst part of all is that gearbox has shown it’s possible that we are going to get regular level cap increases once every a few months, similar to seasons in other games.

So I come up with this suggestion:

Allow us to reroll a set of stats on com or artifact, meaning we should be able to reroll all of the secondary stats or all of the primary stats on artifacts. On coms, we should be able to reroll all skill bonuses or all secondary stats the com provides. This way, drops are still valuable if they have a good stat set. You could take this even further and allow players to only reroll the set of stats that they have rerolled the first time, so we wouldn’t be able to reroll everything on a com/artifact (e.g. if you reroll skills on a com, allow only skill rerolls in the future and ‘lock’ the secondary stats).

Allow us to reroll a single part or the anointment on a gun, shield or grenade. Similarly, you could lock the anointment and all parts except the one you’re rerolling or lock the parts if you’re rerolling the anointment.

You can take this even further and allow players to reroll only purple guns, shields and grenades, since obtaining legendary ones is not that difficult compared to getting a perfect purple of those categories (e.g. protuberances, one shot shields with good anointments are extremely rare).

I believe those suggestions would keep players interested through incremental upgrades for their gear. We shouldn’t rely on trading for getting our desired gear for two different reasons.

  1. It is probably duped from the original item and the market gets flooded with it, which lowers the intrinsic value of having such an item yourself.
  2. It is probably created in an editor.

When I realized I had to farm again a protuberance with the right parts and anointments after they raised the level cap, I pretty much gave up on it, considering it took me since the release of the game to get a good one and even then I traded for it rather than obtaining it myself. The level 50 one is good enough for now, but after a few more level cap raises, it will become useless.

Edit: A drop rate increase would also be ok if it was done properly. Meaning buff only gear that is extremely hard to obtain such as alien barrel guns.

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Not trying to be that guy but you need to consider what it would cost the developers to put your ideas into the game .


I would like a machine for rerolling stats, BUT I’d also like a machine/function to level up an item, to the current level cap, by spending eridium and cash. And/Or sacrificing items too.

See Diablo 3 for suggestions.

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Honestly, just give me increased drop rates and I’m chill. No need to have the devs spend 2-6 months working an a new system to allow us to reroll equipment stats. If they have a sequel, would a means of replacing certain stats on a gun be nice (if potentially gamebreakingly OP for certain things)? Sure, might be nice.

I’m not a huge fan of farming, but it would need to be a balance intensive system and we can all probably agree that balance isn’t Gearbox’s forte. Would a system that saves people loads of time farming bosses, be great? Yea. Would it be difficult to implement in a balanced way? Ehhh, probably. Is it gonna happen in BL3? 99.99% No.


They need to just fix drop rates, specifically the anoints. I get plenty of legendary drops but 90%+ of them have crappy anoints and are worthless in M4.


True enough. But honestly what’s the endgame other than farming? If you’ve done all the missions there’s nothing else to do…

Ah, yet another thread where a player calls for item crafting/customization beyond cosmetics.

A concept I completely agree with, for the record. Diablo 3 is still going strong in no small part because of the numerous options for crafting, customization, and end-game resource usage.

Those options belong in the endgame of basically any modern loot-based game, IMO. And I think it’s fine if it’s DLC-only.

It may not come in DLC2, but it’s a highly-requested feature and it would be a disappointment if it never makes it into the game.


True, but they still to implement a system that allows for incremental upgrades one way or another, rather than increasing drop rates. There’s a very thin line between drop rates being too high and drop rates being too low. This kind of system would normalize that a lot. If they just increase drop rates, perfect coms would still be impossible to obtain outside of editors and dupes and would only make easily accessible legendaries even more accessible and that would feel bad as well.

I don’t like this kind of mentality. If they keep increasing the drop rate, it will become to easy to obtain most legendaries, while certain gear will be still impossible to obtain (very specific purple gear, some legendary items). This would solve absolutely nothing.

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That would be a bit too good and would basically invalidate the need to farm for new gear at new level caps.


So let’s say they need need a way to fund recoding the system would you be cool with micro transactions and higher prices on Dlc ? Because that’s the only way I can see something this large being implemented into the existing game .

Firstly, you overestimate the resources needed for such a system. If the system is well designed, it is not that hard to implement a few methods that just delete and add new properties to said objects, with some exceptions. I’m speaking from experience since I’m a programmer myself.

Secondly, they should sell a lot more cosmetic microtransactions indeed. I have nothing against that. In fact, if at least a part of that income is used into developing new content, then that’s fantastic. Other than that, I don’t agree with higher prices on dlc since the value should be directly derived from the amount of content you get off it. If I were to get such a system that would allow incremental upgrades, sure, I would pay up to a full game price for that dlc.

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I don’t work in code or game systems do you ?
If so I apologize for assuming that this would be a cost intensive addition.
It’s not my intention to downplay what your asking for I just think people don’t look at the big picture when asking developers to change a system that has been in every past game .
I’d be all for a system that allows upgrading the same weapon for in game cash or material.

I’d be fine with this. I bought one or two of the BL2 skin and head packs.

Honestly, I would take a system that lets us just dump all our useless eridium into leveling up a weapon. Idk how much I have across all my characters, maybe 50k or more?

And most people who argue that designing a system to reroll stats simply aren’t as fluent with programming as they think they are lol. It’s really not as labor intensive as you’d think. Making sure it functions correctly after every patch/hotfix might be a PiTA because something is bound to go wrong, but it’s not as intensive as people make it out to be.

Edit: spelling.

I’ve been playing since day one and the only thing left for me to do is try new builds.
Now, I’ve never seen a Knife drain white elephant for Amara to play the melee build I’d like to try.
I’ve never seen a x25 Stagecoachv for my Fl4k.
I’ve never seen a STNL anointed redistributor for Zane and I’ve been killing Tyreen non stop for a Last stand Otto idol with shotgun damage.
World drop loot is very random, I can understand that, but when it comes to dedicated drops it’s still ridiculously hard to get what you want.
Do I need all this stuff? No, I can complete the takedown with my x17 Scattergun just fine. Do I want all this stuff? Hell yeah, what else would keep me playing otherwise?
If I could farm for components to reroll stats on items I would certainly play more and have more fun.

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Drop rates are broken. Too many world drops and not enough dedicated drops.

Again, the biggest problem is the anoints. Most of them are crap so even if you get the item that you’re looking for, chances are that the anoint on it sucks so you have to keep farming. The % of “while airborne” and “while sliding” anoints is way too high. These are all worthless.

I don’t mind farming for gear but having to spend days farming for one item is ridiculous.


2 things, both practical implementations (imo):

  1. Chop up the dedicated loot pools and spread them out over named enemies or unique badasses, etc. Then boost the drop rate for all dedicated drops. There shouldn’t be several bosses with 5 or 6 dedicated drops. 3 at most, but ideally 1 or 2. And maybe for Vault Monsters or Invincibles they can have a larger dedicated loot pool (and higher drop rate) with an offset of fewer world drops. (I’m a little blind on this, as I’m going off of hearsay that there are named mobs with no dedicated loot, i.e. Shiv)

  2. Add some sort of annointment reroll function. Ideally this would use Eridium and Cash since both have very little use. Implement this into Earl’s vendor or himself directly. So when you get the gun you want, but it has a bad annointment, it’s not automatically trash. I’d be okay with some sort of limit to this as well, like x number of rerolls per item or up the cost of a reroll so it can’t be done without a care. (This is not a new idea)

These two changes/additions would allow for level increases to be less painful and possibly more fun as well as keep players farming. Were these to be implemented the thought process of farming for a specific item might go like this:

If I get the item with the exact anointment, great. If I get the item with the wrong anointment, good, there’s still a chance for the right anointment. If I don’t get the item period, okay, keep grinding since this mob only drops 2 dedicated drops and those have higher drop rates.


Having both options separately, reroll and straight level boost, would be good. Would suck to get to lv 75 (once the cap is that high) but still can’t take that sweet uber whatever that you spent weeks to get back at lv. 53 with you.

Preferring much better dedicated drop and the annointment needs to be fix. Be fixed for VH specific if selected plus universal annointments. With the amount of annointeds and say I use Fl4k, I shouldn’t see the remaining VHs annointed in my pool. It’s that trolling and Class Mods put me in 2 weeks and going break from this game.

Appreciated the buffs they do but what the point when farmers of my kind can’t CHASE a specific gear with specific prefix, elements/none, and annointed?

Level increase isn’t as bad but from 50 to 53 is still a crappy move. Not saying if weapons got weaker but barely it matters. 3 extra skill points don’t do much especially if I’m 5 points (2 now) short on unlocking a skill tree augmented

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I mean, I’m always a fan of endgame that is focused on things like acquiring cosmetics, additional optional challenges/bosses, side-lore, new characters (sorta), collectibles, DLC stories, etc. You know, interesting and engaging stuff.

Spending the few hours I have to play games by repeatedly killing the same boss in the bleak hope that I’ll get the weapon I want that also has the stats I want that also is anointed that also has the anointment relative to my class that also has an anointment useful for my build… I’m not saying that some people don’t think farming is enjoyable/interesting or that when you finally DO get that 1 in 10,000 boss kills drop it doesn’t feel amazing for a few minutes. There are and it often does. I’m saying our time could be spent on more worthwhile pursuits.