Level cap increase soon

I guess we will farm again…


this is nothing new when will people stop crying, sooner or later we will get level 70 characters


I know but its a bit soon IMO. I’m not crying either… Just pointing out the level increase that is coming. Some people will be pissed, I dont mind the increase.


God i am glad they will have to upgrade very same 10 guns they ever use maybe in between they will pick and shoot something else and realize game sucks when there is 5 tiers of legendaries


I wonder if they are playing on M0 or M10 :thinking:


I know… It’s prob wishfull thinking but I really hope we get good gun balance with phase 2 and other patches. Using the same 5 guns gets boring.


Noooooooo!!! That’s guna mean RIP opq system!!

(The only cartel gun that made my motor run!). :wink:

Coming with DLC3 I’ll wager.


yeah, pretty sure its next week.

Oh FFS, already? I mean we all just re-farmed M2.0 leveled gear, after just refarming 57 after refarming 53 after originally farming 50 and they want us to go down this rabbit hole again? Is this the pattern where every two months they just jack up the level.

in this sense I actually prefer the M2.0 system because there I can be at whatever level I want. Level caps OTOH I cannot avoid because playing the game will increase my level which will make my weapons useless and force me back onto the farm.


yep, refarm everything for the 5th time



I don’t like level increases like many others. But unfortunately this has always been the norm in BL. I think there would have to be a way by paying ingame $ or Eridium to adapt your existing Legendarys to the new level. I would like something similar for the anointings, so that everyone can choose their own anointing. Perhaps it would also be possible to make a machine in which the users put their legendary and then make anointments on it by their own choice or by chance.


Yeah I can’t say I’m too fond of this more incremental level cap increase method… it doesn’t really have much synergy with how RNG-heavy BL3 gear is generated (all those anointments, etc.), making refarming the same gear multiple times as you get a little level increase that much more annoying. I like it better in the older games where they gave us big chunks of levels at a time.


I would have liked a single 10 level increase instead of 3 small ones but thats not what happend lol.


Live service model where “engagement” is a major metric and I am sure that GBX follows the “don’t listen to what they say watch what they do” approach. My guess is that to this point the data shows players whine about level cap increases but the metrics they look at (sessions, hours played per user, etc) all increase when level caps increase.


Well and these jumps are only there to make you refarm. They are not an end in and of themselves as I hit both new level caps on the prior releases the same day they dropped without really much trying out the journey to the new level cap is non-existent.


Its not the level increase that bothers me. Its the fact that i have to refarm the same 5-6 guns. The game lacks gun viability and diversity. Thats my #1 gripe with BL3 atm.


Level increases on their own I don’t see as too big of a deal. They will happen until whatever is determined the final level.
What messes it up is the additional layers of MH levels on gear.
This is the huge problem as now you may have to farm twice to get the gear you want to work at the MH level you want.
That is going a bit far, especially since the balance patch phases appear to be more lip service than actual fixes. Phase 1 was so tiny it is fairly obvious the weapons are not going to be adjusted, just tossed aside…


Is anyone really surprised by this? This type of level cap increase has happened in every BL game. Not something I care for myself, but it seems to be their MO.

I personally just wish they would increase it to whatever the final level cap would be and get it over with already.