Level cap increase soon

Its constant remarks like this that I find insane.

My boy and I play the game fine in online coop in mh10 and have a whale of a time.

If the game was completely broken like I have seen claimed so many times now, that would be impossible.

Hyperbole doesn’t help the developers gaining feedback and imo doesn’t help other forum users empathise with a poster.


As I stated to novice casual players, doesn’t apply to you. What’s insane are people who don’t get it. Grenades, class mods, shields, and 95% of the weapons don’t scale in this absolute disappointment of a enhancement ( Mayhem 2.0 ). Those of you who are having a “whale of a time” GREAT! The rest of those who know what the issues are and have escalated the concerns appropriately CONGRATULATIONS! You should NEVER settle for subpar!



The tomatoes at the bottom of the supermarket dumpster are free also. But personally, I’m quite happy to pay for ones inside the shop.


And what of those of us who cannot play AT ALL since the Guardian patch. Our HUD is massive, and the FOV is zoom in; neither setting work when we try to reset them.

As far as I am concerned that Car analogy is spot on.

Game ‘worked’ fine (barring the bugs). But now, those of us with the HUD/FOV issue can no longer play our game At All.


I am sorry that you are dealing with that and tbh your wording of a specific issue without hyperbole does create empathy and can be useful to the devs, hence my point earlier.


That analogy might work if the free content we are getting was crap. The only big issue is what Mayhem 2.0 did to the balance of the game. All of the other events have been great.

I actually enjoy Mayhem 2.0 and the modifiers. It is unfortunate that there are large issues on console, but we know that they know and it will be addressed one day. I’m on PC and have had zero crashes since the Mayhem 2.0 update. This Thursday’s patch should make things even better.


IMO the free content we got was crap. Mayhem 2.0 = crap. Guardian Takedown = crap.

The Season Pass DLCs were good, but they were NOT free.


I’m on console(Xbox one-s), and I am getting less crashes now than I ever had. Not entirely sure what people are having so much trouble with. Only times I crash are due to massive lag or frame rate drops. Lag is due to my God-awful bandwidth, and frame rate crashes 99% of the time are caused by the Recursion.

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Minimal farming/ maximum trading :joy:

The whole game is crap right now, free and paid for content.


Definitely isn’t obvious. 1000s of hours across all the games. Never farmed in BL1, didn’t farm much in BL2 or TPS, and only farm a little in BL3.

I’ve been of the opinion that the game is mainly about mobbing. Shoot, loot, get what you’re looking for, then run through areas with your build and blows things away while chatting about current affairs. Especially with the mail and trading system in this game, the farming is just a means to an end for many players like myself.


I completely agree. To me, the words “farming” and “grinding” imply work, and I play video games to… y’know, PLAY, not to work. On the rare occasions that I’ve farmed for stuff in this game, I’ve always found myself wondering how people can stand the boring, repetitive nature of it. More power to them, I guess.

Where this becomes a problem for the community is in Gearbox’s seeming perception that without the constant grind, people would stop playing the game. It’s as if they don’t believe that the essential gameplay (running around, shooting things and doing missions) is enough to keep people interested. It seems like a weird lack of faith in their own product. The result of GB’s attitude is the horrendous RNG in this game which they think is the only way to keep people playing for years.


And you’re totally justified to have your own opinion. And I have mine.


At first, I didn’t like the Guardian Takedown… But after playing it over and over, I’ve grown to really enjoy it.

The Cartel event was free an awesome.

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What about the bugs and imbalance it introduced. Was that awesome?

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Or the MH10 (farmed) weapons that actually turned out (in my case) to be MH7. Those were a cool addition /s

Also; they are soon to be irrelevant when the next level cap increase drops; drip fed content, ‘re-balanced’ after event has ended. No longer obtainable after even has ended. Made obsolete soon after.


Lol. Interesting choice of insult.
That wasn’t how I took the phrase “Mayhem 2.0 was … optional”, but I get that it may have been what you intended. Fair enough.

Already replied to your point, but I’ll expand, you… cashew, you. (Lol)
Mayhem mode is the entire point of finishing the main quest line. It’s the reward you unlock for completing the game. If you opt out of it, there’s no point in finishing the game. At least, for most people. Sure, you CAN choose not to play it, but then you’re left with basic level enemies and low level rewards (minimal drops, xp and currency). The endgame is built around mayhem mode, so most people don’t see it as an optional extra.

I’m played thousands of hours and every single game. I just don’t spend my time “farming”. By which I mean “repeating a single small part of the game over and over while trying to achieve a particular result”.
I spend my time playing through various levels and not repeating the same area for a while each time.

Not necessarily. You can find all the best stuff just by playing the game normally (running through maps, killing all the enemies, killing the boss, move to new map), but unless you’re lucky it’ll take longer.
And that’s ignoring the possibility of trading, etc.

Well said, both of you. Couldn’t agree more.
And yeah, feeling like a game requires farming is what would stop me playing, so I don’t get gearbox’s current push to promote farming in an attempt to keep players playing.

So, because I play differently, you seem to assume I’m a “novice or casual”? You can think that, but I don’t agree with your reasoning.

Totally agree with this, though.


I was thinking they could put mayhem mode out of the game for a bit and release a UVHM instead and balance for a single difficulty instead of 10. Then, after DLC 4 we can get mayhem mode back in the game, instead of balancing for 10 different levels across every additional content that gets added. End game for now could be take downs on UVHM. I feel like balancing across 10 levels is just too much to juggle.

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