Level cap increase soon

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Just want to point out, I have a post on here about finishing the new takedown, m10, solo. And, that was before the recent hotfix that lowered the difficulty.
I didn’t farm for a single piece of gear used in that run, so the idea that “you have to farm to get good gear or a decent build” is just nonsense.

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BL2 had 2 lvl cap increase and the OP lvl, then years later more lvl and OP lvl, so 3x, bl3 we are going for the 4x before the end of it’s life.


You mean the two weapons that were introduced? What bugs? I didn’t experience any with the intro of the Cartel event. Unless you mean mayhem 2.0…

Santa Claus of Borderlands lol


Needs to be said that I can’t thank these people enough, I even pay it back every now and then and just drop my loot in lobbies. My saves are backed up so it’s no biggie. Just makes you feel good sometimes when someone mics up and thanks ya.


Agreed! These incremental level increases Are not making 10 levels of Mayham viable. In borderlands 2 you couldn’t even go into OP until you level capped. This is why I think Mayham levels should have only been available based on Player level cap. Does this mean we’re going to go 3 x 3 x 3 until we hit 100? Right now that’s what it seems like. If that’s the case then raise the level caps by 10 until we hit 100. I would just like to see them spread it out a little further with a little more substance. It would also be nice to see an option to turn off the Mayham modifiers. It’s great that we can turn Mayham on and off, cool. This is why I liked the old Mayham mode. There should be an option to play without all these extra visuals that are not necessary. So cool, you want to play with a group or party and make it different. But what about those who don’t, the answer is turn off Mayham mode. Not fair.


Also if it’s true, then the cats already out of the bag. If we’re going to see a fourth skill tree going forward then level caps should be Significantly higher.

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I would actually be okay if they added 10 lvls a hundred times, because with each lvl cal increase I would actually feel more powerful (10 new points on a tree can make a huge impact), but 3 points/lvl will get me 10% more damage or 30% more shield at best… The gear lvl will increase and get stronger, sure, but the enemies are going to follow you and give more damage as well, so it is just not worth it.


You’re absolutely right. So here’s what I’ve determined so far the 10 levels of Mayhem and enemy scaling is already there. I think the problem is that whatever gearbox is determined to be the final level cap we are just not there yet. You are spot on with the damage increase for us so now multiply that from Mayham level six up. What I realized is if we eventually get to the higher level caps we would potentially catch up to where the higher enemy levels as it was intended. Or maybe not? This is the problem though, because I would love to know what the intended endgame should be.

All that.
I’d play M10 if it wasn’t so littered with modifiers amongst all that DR. As it is, mid levels suit me fine.

Of course there’s the rumours of an added tree, which implies another, what, 10,12 levels?

And if that’s the case, even higher M-levels so those who think M10 is about right aren’t all the sudden overpowered?

Here we are with the promise of a never ending balancing act. Bump this, nerf that, repeat.

Like cutting your own hair. Pretty soon you give up and shave it all off.



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Not to throw more fuel on the fire here, what happens when and if there is a UVHM MODE. Will the game need to be built from the ground up again!

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To be honest, I feel quite OP playing M10, but my build is the best possible to play Takedown.
That’s something that I don’t like about this game right now, normal content is quite easy when you get ready to takedown, and when I say easy is easy like killing boss under 20s, so if I want to actually have a challenge I need to sabotage myself or only play takedown.

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I posted this in a different forum … I think it says it all …

Let me offer another analogy…
You wouldn’t expect to buy a new car with extended warranty (season pass holders that’s you) to have the engine continually misfire and not have the garage fix it as a priority.

This game is less than a year old, we’ve had a series of ineffective (in the main) hotfixes that created more problems than they fixed. We’ve had the introduction of game mechanics that made the game worse and a cartel event where much of the loot was spoiled because of scaling issues.

I accept that most of these issues relate to end game and as Randy Pitchford (insensitively) pointed out the cartel and takedown are free so why are we grumbling?
The reason, apart from being insulted by unhelpful comments and the frustration of not being able to continue to play a game and fully enjoy it once you reach the end is that a lot of us have PAID (Randy!) for a season pass. An extended warranty so to speak, that should allow us to continue playing the game thar we paid for without repetitive issues and experience quality additional content.
I feel sorry for the devs, constantly being criticised and know that our comments may be seen as whinging and unappreciative. However, speaking personally, I love this game and the franchise but really don’t like the constant feeling of disappointment and frustration that exists at the moment!



There’s a big flaw with that analogy.

At one time, buying a car was definitely ‘buyer beware’ - ever heard the expression ‘that car’s a lemon’? From shoddy manufacturing to design flaws that outright killed people, cars were not built to the same standards of design and finish they are today. (If you go back to the very first experimental horseless carriages, some of them exploded, killing their inventors).

The upshot is that today car manufacturers have to ensure their designs and finished products comply with a whole slew of technical standards and safety regulations, as well as satisfying insurers and organizations like Consumer Reports that they are safe and reliable. New cars also cost a heck of a lot more than consumer-level software.

If a computer game had the same potential for injuring or killing people simply because they decided to play it, you can bet there would be regulations and conditions up the whazoo that developers had to satisfy. But games != cars.

That said, I would be extremely happy if games released pretty much bug-free, especially if that meant not having to download a massive day 1 patch. For the most part, my personal experience on an original XB1 has been pretty good. I’ve had a few crashes, particularly with some of the mayhem 2.0 modifiers, but those are still in the single digit range. Compared to certain other games that have been out a lot longer (cough Fallout 4 cough) I can live with that.

My sympathies very much go out to those who’ve had a much different experience on that count. I hope GBX is able to keep knocking down bugs and problems to get the game into a good state for everyone; and in that regard I also have sympathy for the devs working on those issues as it can often be frustrating and thankless work.


Reposit’s post was in reply to mines in another thread…and you worded it in a way I couldn’t…thanks for that perspective

Yeah the warranty analogy is kind of incorrect because you are purchasing add on content not protection from unforeseeable failure in the design. If it was a warranty, i’d get my money back. This company, and by company we all know I mean its higher ups, honestly shows game companies need stricter laws since they are slowly taking advantage of gamers more and more