Level cap, Mayhem Levels and other things

This is a multi-question thread! :wink: So I hit Amara’s level 57 TVHM cap, feelin’ all kickass… only to find that enemies can go up to 59 (so far…maybe more later?) I’m at MH2 right now and find it balanced enough between dying and finding the game a challenge enough. Now… I read somewhere over the internet that MH levels are NOT to be taken one after the other, as the weapons that you’ll find in MH10 are waaay better that what you find in earlier levels. So I basically have 2 questions:
1 - Should I try and go up to…say… MH5 and try to get better weapons in order to do for example MH7? Should I farm someone?
2 - Level cap is 57 but many skill planners online go up to 71st. How so?

As a side question I also ask what follows:
I don’t have a particular build, except that I follow a concept: I got Rough Rider, almost 15k energy, and a Lob. I just go in and wreck things thus replenishing my energy and rarely dying. Question is: According to what I wrote, which build should I follow? I use TTB to spread damage on mobs ( I could easily replenish 30/40k of energy). Any ideas?
Ok sorry for being annoying :wink:

Don’t hurry up the Mayhem ladder. You’ll get overpowered and also discover that MOST of your weapon collection is worthless at higher mayhem levels. The recent nerf also took a big whack out of the guns that DID help at high levels.

If you’re having fun, don’t jump up. Or do it one level at a time.


So… how will I feel that it’s time to move up? From MH1 to 2 it’s not much of a difference really… just grenades spawning here and there… Oh and… any ideas for builds? Seems all Amara builds are “sniper focused” (OPQ TTB)…

If you’re using Amara get a recursion, single best gun for her in my opinion.


Haven’t found a single one so far. Got 2 lobs (cryo and shock) and the ion cannon, but no recur so far. Any other ideas? Finished moxxxi heist and began the wedding this evening. Still mh2 atm.

General Traunt on Necrofateyo drops it :wink:

Thanks, ill give it a go! Anyone wanna answer the first questions? :smirk: